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As children grow, they need to get enough vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal health. Most kids get adequate amounts of nutrients from a balanced diet, but under certain circumstances such as picky eating, there might still be a gap between the nutrients they need and those they consume. Hale & Hearty Kidz is a complete multivitamin, in a tasty and easy-to-chew tablet, formulated to fill that nutritional gap. It offers the right nutrients at the right levels, so your kids get the optimal vitamin intake to develop and perform at their best.

Hale & Hearty Kidz is the ideal multivitamin for children. It provides the following:

  • Boosts Immunity

Hale & Hearty Kidz has the premium form of Vitamin D which is Vitamin D3 to boost their immunity and protect them from infections and diseases. It also contains Vitamin C to promote healing in wounds and fractures, relieve colds in addition to helping strengthen the immune system.


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  • Makes their Bones & Teeth Strong 

Hale & Hearty Kidz has an adequate amount of Calcium to strengthen their bones and teeth.

Also, Vitamin K helps your child to properly utilize calcium and magnesium for strong bones and teeth.

  • Provides them  With Energy

It has Vitamin B12 which provides them with the energy they need to be active all day.


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