Pre Seed Lubricant For TTC Couples

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Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant enhances your comfort of intimate sexual activity with your partner, and is designed to be isotonic and pH balanced similar to that of the vaginal environment to aid in supporting sperm survival which is crucial to conception. For millions of women trying to have babies, Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant can provide support for a successful Fertility Journey.

Vaginal dryness is very common in women who are trying to conceive. Most women will relieve vaginal drying by using available vaginal lubricants. Studies have shown that most commercially available vaginal lubricants, water, saliva, mineral oil, and egg white all affect either the motility and/or viability of a man’s sperm, thereby reducing a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

If you are trying to conceive and have vaginal dryness, pre-seed is the solution you need to aid your pregnancy.


Pre‑Seed Fertility‑Friendly Lubricant is specially designed for use when trying to conceive. During this time, most women will experience occasional vaginal dryness at some point, which can cause discomfort during intimacy. This dryness can increase as a couple of transitions from lovemaking to “baby-making”, with scheduled intercourse around their fertile time.

Pre‑Seed™ Fertility‑Friendly Lubricant mimics natural fertile fluids and helps to relieve vaginal dryness. Its moisture is delivered in the same pH, osmolality, and viscosity (consistency) as fertile cervical fluids (mucus). This provides an optimal environment for sperm on their journey through the vagina, into the cervix, and up to the fallopian tubes where they meet the egg.


Pre‑Seed Fertility‑Friendly Lubricant is a high-quality lubricant that mimics fertile cervical fluids to support sperm on their journey. Unlike most other lubricants, which can be toxic to sperm and should not be used when you are ready to conceive, Pre‑Seed Fertility‑Friendly Lubricant is pH-balanced and isotonic, so sperm can swim freely. Pre‑Seed Fertility‑Friendly Lubricant has been clinically shown to be fertility friendly, safe for use, and doesn’t harm sperm.


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