Top 9 Reasons You’re Not Pregnant and What You Need To Do

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Top 9 Reasons You’re Not Pregnant and What You Need To Do

While there are different reasons why people are finding it hard to conceive, it could also be that there are simple, yet overlooked reasons you’re not pregnant, yet.

In this article, we share some of the day-to-day issues couples who are trying to conceive face and we proffer possible answers that can help you get pregnant easily.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

9 Reasons you’re not pregnant, yet

1. You’ve got sperm issues

Low Sperm count, sperm motility and morphology are arguably one of the most common fertility challenges men face.

First, we advise men to go for a sperm analysis test to ascertain the state of their sperm health.

Secondly, if the diagnosis is a structural defect, it’s recommended that they follow their Doctor’s recommendation (this can include surgery).

Thirdly, we recommend that they use Evergreen Formular for Men as it is a tested remedy for low sperm count, abnormal shape/size and motility.

Your sperm issues could be the only reason you’re not pregnant…get “Evergreen Formular for Men and in no time, you’re sharing your testimony like the man in the picture below.

Reasons You're Not Pregnant 

2. You’re not eating right!

As simple as it sounds, not eating right could pose as a threat to your ability to conceive, it’s not enough to eat well, you should eat RIGHT!

Nuts, fruits, and veggies are notable essentials for a proper reproductive health.

We recently wrote an article on best fertility foods for couples who are trying to conceive, you can read it up by clicking here.

Not eating RIGHT could pose as a great threat and one of the major reason you’re not pregnant, yet.

3. Your hormones are not balanced!

A lot of women battle hormonal imbalance issues, ranging from irregular menstruation, anovulation, PCOS and sometimes, no period at all.

What you need to do, Get Evergreen Formular for Women, click here to buy.

Evergreen Formular for Women is a potent fertility booster. It HELPS to provide hormonal balance in women AND is recommended in the treatment menstrual disorders, painful menstruation as well as conditions arising from hormonal imbalance such as irregular menstruation, anovulation, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and Abnormal lactation caused by hyperprolactinemia. EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR WOMEN ensures regular menstruation and ovulation and promotes overall reproductive well-being. It also provides full anti-oxidant support and fully optimizes the female reproductive system for conception.

Reasons You're Not Pregnant

4. Endometriosis

When your menstrual flow includes large blood clots during your period followed by excruciating pain, it could be that the tissues that normally lines the uterus are growing outside your uterus.

Inflammation of the fimbria, which picks up the egg and transports it into the fallopian tube, causes swelling and scarring so the egg may not reach its destination.

The inflammation can also damage sperm and eggs when they are exposed to the inhospitable environment caused by the endometriosis.

N.B: Endometriosis can also block the fallopian tubes.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of endometriosis, its advised that you visit your Doctor for the best treatment options.

5. Lifestyle choices

Lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking, unprotected sex with a partner other than your spouse can open you up to infection and the ultimate, STRESS!!!.

Reasons You're Not Pregnant

Some fertility experts are of the opinion that “lifestyle choices” could be one of the major reason why a lot of couples are finding it hard to conceive as there might be free radicals in your body.

Reasons You're Not Pregnant

Dietary supplements like Evergreen Formular for Men & Women have been specially formulated with antioxidants that prevent free radical damage to the sperms and fully optimizes the female reproductive system for conception.

Purchase Evergreen Formular for Men & Women here

Reasons You're Not Pregnant Reasons You're Not Pregnant

6. Infections

From yeast infections to STI’s, it’s common for couples who are trying to conceive to experience infections on their conception journey.

2 in 5 TTC couples might experience infection on their journey to achieving their pregnancy goals.

To better position couples for pregnancy, it is advised that you go for an infection test and follow the recommendations of your Doctor.

This might be the only hindrance to your pregnancy goals, and just one visit to a lab can make all the difference.

7. Fibroid

A small sized fibroid is not the reason you’re yet to get pregnant, except your Doctor expressly recommends surgery, you can get pregnant with the small-sized fibroid.

Some women whose Doctor recommend surgery for sometimes try to boycott this advice.

Fear of surgery and belief in using herbal drugs to shrink the Fibroid are some of the reasons these women give.

If you’re looking at getting pregnant faster and your Doctor recommended surgery, please follow your Doctor’s recommendation.

8. Too much or too little Sex

The pressure to conceive pushes some couples to have too much sex or too little sex which sometimes have a countereffect on their pregnancy goals.

For most men, it takes between 24 and 36 hours to “replenish” all the way after ejaculating and get back to their normal sperm count, even though this is not a one size fits all, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t have sex too frequently due to your pressure to get pregnant.

The other extreme is to have too little sex because you’re trying to conceive…What we’re trying to say is that the ideal thing to do is to find a balance for your baby-dance sex!

9. Not having sex during your ovulation

Lastly, your ovulation day is the day you stand a higher chance of getting pregnant. Your body naturally produces an egg every month, the egg is viable for only 24hrs and that’s why knowing when you ovulate and committing to having sex during your ovulation can make all the difference on your conception journey.

Do you know how to calculate your ovulation or are you even experiencing anovulation?

We recently wrote an article on how to calculate your ovulation day and get pregnant, you can read it here.


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This post is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for professional diagnostic and treatments. Remember to always consult your healthcare provider before making any health-related decisions or for counseling, guidance, and treatment about a specific medical condition.

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