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foods for conception

Foods for conception is one of the questions a lot of Trying to Conceive (TTC) women frequently ask us to better prepare themselves for pregnancy and I believe that for you to be reading this, you’re also trying to get pregnant.

It shows you’re a woman who is interested in her own reproductive well-being and would ensure that she’s leaving nothing to chance.

If this is you, I say well-done and we can’t wait to hear your testimony of a baby boy/girl or twins.

Having said that, let’s get right into it, what are those foods that are fertility friendly and those ones you should take to your heels when you sight them?…lol

Anti-Fertility Foods

  • High mercury fish

Mercury can be dangerous when it becomes accumulated in the body, high mercury fish such as

Ting mackerel (Titus),

Sea Fish,

Tilefish (Panla) are some of the fishes you need to avoid, If you’re the person who loves to eat fish, this might be the right time to let it go, let it go, While fish is good as it provides Omega-3 Fatty Acids for you and your baby, it can also be dangerous when you eat the ones that contain High Mercury. Mercury can have a very negative impact on the nervous system and it has been acknowledged as a factor in Infertility.

foods for conception

Titus Fish

  • Soda & fruit juice

A few studies have shown that soda and regular drinks affect fertility, the containers are filled with inflammation and metabolic enhancing ingredients that causes changes in your reproductive organs due to the amount of sugar and preservatives in them.

I know of some women who take about 3-4 soda drinks in a day and that is so not healthy no matter the pleasure you get from these drinks, as a woman who is trying to get pregnant, please remember that this is one of those things you need to run, run, run away from.

  • Alcohol & Caffeine

It is a known fact that alcohol is not good for a woman who is trying to get pregnant, but caffeine is another factor a lot of women do not put so much attention on yet it’s as deadly as alcohol.

foods for conception

Examples include; cocoa beans, tea, chocolate soft drinks, coffee.

  • Processed & Fried foods (Trans-Fat)

Processed foods and fried foods are laced with food colorings, preservatives, and chemicals that cause damage to the body, they are another type of foods you should avoid like a plaque. They contain a lot of fats that are not good for the body as they cause inflammation and insulin resistance which lowers fertility. When they are stored in the body, they affect your ability to get pregnant by a large percent. Foods like microwaved popcorn, meat pie, fish pie.

  • Uncooked meat

A lot of the meat you eat in fast foods are not well cooked and as such could pose as a threat to your ability to conceive, hot dogs, and suya are examples of meat you should avoid if you’re trying to get pregnant.

foods for conception

Sisi Jemimah

Now that we’ve talked about the foods you should avoid, let’s dive into those foods you should start paying attention to like your life depends on it.

foods for conception

Foods for Conception

You’re probably wondering, if you’ve asked me not to eat this foods, which ones are the ones I’m to eat, well, not to worry, the following set of foods will more than compensate for the ones you can’t eat.

Okay, Let’s Go!

  • Foods that contain Folic acid

Folic acid isn’t only necessary when you’re pregnant for reducing neural birth defects, it also helps to prepare your body for conception. Foods like fortified whole grains, whole grains, and citrus fruits contain Folic Acid. For consistent use and the essential amount, I’ll recommend you use fertility supplements such as Evergreen Formular for Women which contains the recommended 400-600 mg of Folic Acid during your preparation period 

  • Fruits

As a TTC woman, now is the right time to get snacking on Fruits as though your life depends on it, (it might actually depend on it…lol). Fruits should be added to your everyday meal and not as an occasional luxury, you need to develop fruit-eating as a habit. Fruits contain essential nutrients and vitamins that contains antioxidant and reduces inflammation. If you’re a resident in a busy city like Lagos, then, you can relate with the level of stress that you go through daily, so taking fruits helps to reduce the impact of stress on your immune system.

foods for conception

foods for conception

One of the beautiful parts of your conception journey is knowing that you’re doing your best to stay healthy and well prepared to get pregnant.

  • Dairy products; Yoghurt, Smoothie, Cheese

If you’ve read the part where we talked about your reduction of fish and you’re wondering how you’ll infuse protein into your meal, not to worry, yogurts, smoothie, and fat milk are there to support your protein requirements. Dairy products help to prepare your body as it’s a great option of foods for conception because they contain calcium and protein. While it is not to become an addiction, you should make it one of your essentials.

  • Yams

Ever heard the gist that yams help women give birth to twins? Well, Research has shown that yams contain ovulation-stimulating vitamins that aid conception.

Yam increases fertility by increasing your energy, boosting your immune system and providing you the essential vitamins and minerals. Yams also contain iron, iodine, and Phytoestrogen that stimulates multiple ovulation and as you’ve heard, Nigeria has the highest amount of women who produce twins, so if you’ve always desired twins, now is the time to make yam your best friend…lol (study of twins in Southwest Nigeria).

foods for conception

  • Vegetables

Vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and energy for your body and are known to improve ovulation, if you’ve been complaining about your ovulation, then this is the food you should give special attention to and include in your ‘must-have” meals.

DARK LEAFY vegetable such as Waterleaf (Talinum triangulare), Ugu (Fluted Pumpkin), Efo Tete (Dandelion greens) and Efo Soko (African Spinach), other vegetables such as tomatoes and carrot should also be included.

foods for conception

Efo Soko

One extra tip is to use olive oil for your meals and salads instead of butter as it contains monounsaturated fats unlike Trans Fats in some Fried foods as we discussed in the Anti-Fertility foods.

foods for conception

So, there you have it, take note of these foods when next you’re shopping for your meals as a woman who’s trying her best to prepare for pregnancy!

Do you know about other foods women can eat to boost their fertility? Share in the comment section.

If you have any questions or need someone to just listen to and help you on your pregnancy journey, Please don’t hesitate to Call or WhatsApp 08173658113.

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