Your Ultimate Guide to Ending Vaginal Dryness

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Vaginal dryness can be a very touchy or personal subject to discuss for a number of women and while it is understandable, it is highly imperative that women who experience this know that there are viable solutions to ending the embarrassment of the bedroom and increase their chances of getting pregnant faster.

What is Vaginal Dryness?

Vaginal dryness is a situation whereby the natural fluid that is secreted by your body to keep your vaginal area moist reduces or stops.

When vaginal lubrication is affected by infection, certain drugs, genetic factors, diet, and hormonal imbalance, it leads to vaginal dryness and for couples trying to get pregnant.

This is a big challenge as lack of wetness in a woman’s vagina affects pleasure during sex and ultimately limits the sperm from getting to the reproductive tract of the woman so as to fertilize her egg.

Women who experience vaginal dryness usually can’t seem to figure out why they are wet today and dry as a leaf in summer tomorrow, I know that sounds a little harsh but you’ll agree with me that that’s how it feels, imagine a couple having the baby-dance with the woman writhing in pains…

When you constantly experience vagina dryness close to or during your ovulation day, there is a high probability that all your efforts towards making a baby will be met with failure.

Women experience different symptoms such as;

  • itching in vagina
  • painful intercourse
  • burning & irritation
  • light bleeding during or after sex
  • Painful/frequent urination
  • A pressure in the vagina

Now that you know some of the reasons you’re experiencing vaginal dryness and some of the symptoms, you’re wondering, What can I do?

Below are 5 tips for ending your battle with vaginal dryness and getting pregnant

i. Foreplay

Engaging in enough foreplay before the baby-dance can help a woman have more lubrication.

ii. Change your diet

What you eat impacts either positively or negatively on your ability to get pregnant faster.

iii. Lifestyle changes

  • Stop the intake of certain drugs that are affecting your ability to be well lubricated.

Birth control pills and some antibiotics affect your hormones, if you’re trying to get pregnant it is best to stop for that period.

  • Factors such as pressure,
  • stress, and
  • anxiety hamper on a woman’s sexual desire and cause vaginal dryness, this occurs due to reduced blood circulation and which leads to dryness.

iv. Drink more water

The best way to stay hydrated is to stay keep a bottle of water around you all of the time. The recommended 8-9Litres of water every day is essential for you. You can infuse lemon, cucumber, pineapple into your water or any other type of fruit for flavor.

v. Use a sperm-friendly Lubricant

Couples who are baby-dancing a lot understand how uncomfortable it can be when a woman is dry down there and one of the fastest ways to cure vaginal dryness when you want to have sex is to use a

  • healthy,
  • safe and
  • a sperm-friendly lubricant like Pre-Seed.
  • It not only enhances your comfort, it has also been specially formulated to mimic your body’s naturally fertile fluids.

What’s Next?

If you’re experiencing any or more than 1 symptoms we’ve described here, now is the best time to take care of your diet, drink more water, adjust your lifestyle, use a vaginal lubricant and enjoy your baby-making-dance.

What would you do from what you’ve learned from this article? Or you’ve got questions?

Drop a comment below!

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