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My name is Vera and never in my life would I have thought to write a story like this, I grew up as an only girl with four brothers, while I enjoyed and reveled in their protection and love.

I missed growing up with a sister and someone I could have girl gist with, I was usually with my brothers and while it wasn’t boring whenever I was with them, I usually felt all alone, like, no one knows what it means to menstruate and have cramps while at it or have splitting headaches.

Who could I even tell that I had a crush on a fine dude in my school and my brothers wouldn’t beat the hell outta him…lol

While I smile writing this, it wasn’t a funny something back then, imagine being haunted by your classmates because your brothers end up beating or threatening any guy who even tries to come close to you because you’re an only girl.

While I could almost pass for a tomboy, I was lonely deep within and it was in those moments of solitude that I made a promise to myself that I’ll give birth to a female child who’ll be my first child and ultimately my best friend.


One would think that having female friends would fill the void me within, but not even Sade, Becca or Victoria in Uni helped me one bit as guys were naturally drawn to me, no matter the relationship I have with ladies, it never helped the emptiness that I felt within.

After Uni, I got a job in a bank and it was while working that I met Jide, an amazing man with the most beautiful heart and warmest smile ever who I entered into a relationship with and got married after 2years of dating.

I was so happy that I’d finally have all the license in the world to have sex without fear and get to do life with someone who I loved and cared for and who feels the same way about me.


Not only did he meet my expectations, he also was more than I bargained for even though he was also the most annoying human being ever, lol

Six months after our wedding, I got pregnant and could not hold my excitement, you can imagine the joy I felt when I realized that the child in my womb was a baby girl, I was overjoyed and even Jide who we always fought because he wanted a male child couldn’t hide his joy.


I wasn’t allowed to cook for a WEEK because we were expecting a baby girl, I had never been that happy in my life and I would imagine how Sophia and I (yes, I had given her a name…lol) would go on shopping sprees whenever we were bored and sad or cry on each other’s shoulders when we seemed to be overwhelmed and sad.

After a while, I registered at the ante-natal and we thought all was well and good until I got home after a very busy and stressful day to find myself bleeding.

This was my first pregnancy and I know I’m not supposed to bleed, I wasn’t even thinking about miscarriage at this time as I wasn’t expecting it.

My husband entered into the house just as I was about to start cleaning up and he took me straight to the hospital and even though I was well taken care of, I was sad within me, I cried, I sulked, I felt a lot of emotions that I couldn’t even explain.


Not only did I have to deal with the feeling of loss, confusion, and sadness – I also had to work through the resentment towards women that would “fall” pregnant every time they coughed. In all my adulting, this was the most painful period in my life.

According to statistics, 15% of known pregnancies will end in miscarriages, while this isn’t to scare you, there are necessary information which will possibly exclude you from that statistics.

First, why do miscarriages happen?

Miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion of a fetus below 20 weeks of age, it is called spontaneous because it is different from the general perception about abortion.

Miscarriage is not entirely a negative occurrence as most of us have been made to believe and we have to make peace with the reality of what that is whilst looking at the best possible means to avoid it totally or prevent its reoccurrence.

The following are some of the reasons for miscarriages:

  •  Genetic Malformation

Most miscarriages are primarily caused by genetic malformations in the development of the child and your body automatically expels the fetus so that you don’t give birth to a child who has birth defects.

The genetic malformations are usually unrelated to the mother and knowing this will take the burden of guilt off you if you’ve ever experienced miscarriage and are feeling guilty.

  • Stress

Exerting oneself physically, mentally and emotionally can lead to miscarriage, a lot of couples use drugs that contain anti-oxidants while they’re TTC and discontinue it after they’ve conceived.

  • Infection

Infection can impair the normal growth of a child if not properly managed and lead to a miscarriage.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

What happens when the necessary hormones that are vital for a child’s healthy development are missing?

When a woman is trying to conceive, a proper hormonal balance is critical and required to sustain a regular ovulation, maturation of the ovarian follicle and also aid the development of reproductive tissues in the womb.

That is why we have created The Evergreen Formular for Women which is the ideal supplement for every woman who intends to conceive.

In the concluding part of this article, we talk about what you can do to avoid miscarriages and how to prepare for another pregnancy.


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