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TURNING THE ASHES OF MISCARRIAGE INTO BEAUTIFUL BABIES (Part II)  What to do when you’re trying to conceive after a miscarriage

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For days after my miscarriage, all I could do was cry and feel terrible that I had lost my Sophia even before I met her, there were days I tried so hard to fight back the tears to no avail and would just allow myself to plunge deeper into the pool of depression without anyone to hold me, I started to ask myself questions that made me feel like drowning;

why me?

What did I do wrong?

I killed my child, I wasn’t eating right

I am not good enough to be a mother,

Or I am not destined to have my own family etc.

“Most women feel so much guilt whenever they experience a miscarriage and find it hard to forgive themselves”, these among other factors affect their moods, hormone and general wellbeing, this happened to me and I’ll encourage every woman who has ever gone through a miscarriage to grieve while they can but to put a timeline to it so that they can start preparing for another pregnancy.


Even though this was a really tough period for me, I am glad that I had my husband Jide who stood by me throughout this phase of our marriage as we became closer and bonded deeply after the miscarriage. At the end of it all, the experience was worth it and I was able to get pregnant, it was an arduous journey as I got pregnant after 5 months, not only did we have sexual intercourse, I used the EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR WOMEN and EVERGREEN CM which helped my cervical mucus, hormones and worked on my reproductive organs, Jide also had to take the EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR MEN so that we don’t miss any of our chances.


Preparing yourself for pregnancy

The following are tested tips that will aid your getting pregnant after a miscarriage;

  • The period after a miscarriage is not the time to wail and be moody but a time to prepare for conception, apart from sexual intercourse, prepare mentally, emotionally and physically. After you’ve confirmed there’s no complications or issues from the miscarriage, you also need to get tested for infections as miscarriage predisposes you to infection and can be a deterrent for another pregnancy to occur.
  • Eat foods that align with your pregnancy goals, this is part of your physical preparation to welcome a healthy baby. Foods rich in protein, calcium, iron, Vit A, Vit D are imperative for your health and please avoid foods that are undercooked, raw eggs and junks.



  • Get a fertility booster, a very good example is the EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR WOMEN. The formula helps to increase your chances of healthy pregnancy, it contains the right number of Vitamins, Minerals, and ingredients that stabilize the essential hormones that are imperative for pregnancy. it helps to achieve regular menstruation and ovulation and boosts your fertility.
  • Having a balanced amount of bed rest and the right amount of physical activity is a very important step in ensuring that you’re physically prepared to carry a pregnancy to term. Meditation is also a great option for your body to relax.


When should you get pregnant?

The question of when to get pregnant is a highly debatable one and while recommendations of 6 – 18 months abound, I will encourage any woman who has had a miscarriage to take their time to heal/detox emotionally, physically and mentally before they engage in sexual intercourse, what we just advise is that you should set a timeline for your healing so as to ensure you don’t become grounded in your healing process.

Another school of thought posits that women become more fertile after a miscarriage, so as soon as you see your next period you can start trying to conceive, again, whatever option you choose, please don’t rush your grieving process before you GET PREGNANT.

When couples are trying to conceive, some woman might also have to battle with vaginal dryness which is why we recommend PRE-SEED which is a sperm-friendly lubricant that gives a pleasurable experience during sexual intercourse, not only does it make sexual intercourse fun.

It also provides a conducive environment where sperms can survive while being transported from the vagina into the uterine cavity thereby aiding conception.

A lot of women complain about painful sex while TTC (trying to conceive) and PRE-SEED personal vaginal lubricant is a healthy choice for lubrication.

Pregnancy after a miscarriage, what should I do?


Sometimes, there’s nothing one can do to prevent a miscarriage; however, some things are imperative for your next pregnancy which you can begin to imbibe pre and during your pregnancy.

  • Lifestyle

This is the best time to stop caffeine and other tobacco use while introducing more vegetables and fruits into your everyday diet. Smoothies are also great additions to the nutrients you and your unborn child needs.

  • Eat healthy meals, this is the time to ensure that you follow all of your dietician’s instruction to take the right amounts of vegetables, fruits, nuts and foods that provide you with the vitamins and nutritional supplement that you need.


  • Laugh and do what you truly love

I know you’re wondering why this is a tip, well, the best way to get out of a sully mood is to be happy, to do what makes you happy and smile genuinely. This is a viable tip as you might sometimes feel down because of your miscarriage but counter this negative emotion with smiles and surround yourself with supportive family and friends. Don’t allow pity party around you, instead, plan a happiness structure around you.


  • Daily intake of the necessary prenatal supplements like THE EVERGREEN NATAL CARE, it is specially formulated to provide the dietary supplements for child and mother during pregnancy.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and if you can, engage in light exercises.
  • Register for your prenatal in a hospital near you. Follow your Doctors instruction during your pregnancy and ensure they’re kept up-to-date on your pregnancy journey.
  • Not only do we wish you a healthy pregnancy, we wish you a safe delivery and we’ll love to hear your testimonies.


 We wish you all the best in your pregnancy journey even as you welcome your beautiful one to the world.

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