SPERM LEAKAGE AFTER SEX: Does sperm pour affect my chances of conception?

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A lot of women complain about sperm leakages or sperm pour from the vagina after sexual intercourse. Most of these women attribute sperm leakage as the cause of their infertility. On a general note, sperm leakage from the vagina is normal and is expected when there is enough ejaculate. The fluid which comes out of the vagina after orgasm is a portion of the ejaculate with less than 5% of the ejaculate being the actual sperm and over 95% being a composition of other fluids.

Sperm leakage or vaginal reflux does not exactly cause infertility. However, it may lower a couple’s chances of conception. Here are some of the possible reasons of sperm leakage after sex.

#1.Bacterial Infection: If a woman has had a history of genital/pelvic inflammatory disease, her body may develop antibodies to fight the infection and accidentally harm the sperm in the process.

# 2. Low Quality Cervical Mucus: Thick cervical mucus makes it difficult for the sperm to swim though the reproductive tract, resulting in sperm leakage. Also, If the cervical mucus is scanty or lacking, it may be difficult for the sperm to reach through the cervix hence, a flow back sperm could occur.

#3. Dietary choices: Fertile quality cervical mucus is alkaline in nature. High intake of acidic foods could increase the vaginal pH which does not create a suitable environment for the sperm. This in turn could repel the sperm and cause sperm leakage as the sperm is alkaline in nature. Examples of acidic foods are processed foods and soda.

#4. Poor Sperm motility: Sperm motility is the ability of the sperm to move efficiently. This is necessary because the sperm needs to travel through the female reproductive tract to reach the point of fertilization. If the sperm can’t move efficiently through the female reproductive tract, this can lead to sperm leakage.

#5. Retroverted Womb: Women who have a tilted/retroverted womb may suffer from sperm leakages because the normal uterus is in an anteverted position which is more favorable for normal sperm movement into the womb as against a retroverted womb that obstructs sperm movement from moving into the womb. This obstruction can increase the likelihood of experience sperm pour or sperm leakage.

How you can manage Sperm leakage

#1 Take fertility supplements: Get fertility supplements like Evergreen CM and Evergreen formular for men. They are recommended for mum and Dad’s to be. Evergreen CM is targeted to improve the production of fertile quality cervical mucus as this provides a suitable environment for the sperm as it travels through the female reproductive tract on its way to fertilization. On the other hand, Evergreen Formular will boost the sperm motility and sperm count.

#2 Having an Orgasm: Orgasm is a period of intense sexual climax in a woman. This is accompanied by contractions of the pelvic muscles which help to pull the sperm into the womb. Reaching orgasm and ejaculating could increase a couple’s chances of conception.

To get more facts about Sperm leakage. Read 7 things you probably didn’t know about sperm leakage.

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