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Couples trying for a baby may not be well acquainted with certain mistakes they should avoid while trying to get pregnant. The trying to conceive period can be emotionally challenging and physically draining as well. For some couples, getting pregnant is fast and simple while for some, it could be difficult and stressful. Although, this does not necessarily mean that the couple is infertile, it could probably be due to certain mistakes they should avoid while trying to get pregnant. These mistakes that should be avoided while trying to get pregnant include the following:


  1. Timing your ovulation period wrongly: This mistake should be avoided while trying to get pregnant. Your ovulation period is the best time for you have sex for pregnancy to occur. There is a fertile window in woman’s menstrual cycle when she can get pregnant. It includes few days (3 to 5 days) to your ovulation and on the day of your ovulation. Ovulation predictor kits like predicte ovulation test kit can help you confirm your ovulation period well.


  1. Unhealthy lifestyle choices: Lifestyle choices have a great impact on your fertility. Unhealthy weight (underweight or overweight), bad habits like smoking, drinking, use of illicit drugs, caffeine can have negative impact on your fertility. Stress and depression are inclusive as well.


  1. Assuming the challenge is with you: This another mistake that should be avoided while trying to get pregnant. Most times, fertility challenges are usually focused on the woman. Before the woman takes the responsibility for the fertility issue, the man should be assessed as well. About 40% of infertility issues are due to the woman’s problems, another 40% is due to the man’s problems and the rest are due to unexplained factors. The couple should be assessed by a fertility specialist before treatment commences.




  1. The use of poor lubricants: The mistake of using poor lubricant should be avoided while trying to get pregnant. In a bid to solve the problem of vaginal dryness, couples may go for lubricants which are not sperm-friendly and dangerous to the sperm. Some of these lubricants such as saliva, water and mineral oils can kill the sperm on contact and prevent it from reaching the egg. Preseed vaginal lubricant is the right solution in combating the problem of vaginal dryness as it is a sperm-friendly vaginal lubricant which mimics natural cervical mucus thereby creating a suitable environment for the sperm to thrive and swim as it journeys towards the egg for fertilization. You can as well go for cervical mucus supplements like EVERGREEN CM. It boosts the production of fertile quality cervical mucus and boosts libido in women.



  1. Waiting too long to see a fertility specialist: In some cases, seeing a fertility specialist sooner rather than later is a very good move. A couple can be said to be diagnosed of infertility if they have been trying for pregnancy for over a year without success and as such they may decide not to seek help until they have crossed the one year mark. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you are 35 years of age or older and you been trying to get pregnant after six months without success, it is advisable you see a fertility specialist OR, if you are younger and you have irregular or heavy periods as well as menstrual cycle lengths of less than 21 days OR longer than 35 days you should see a Doctor. If you have also had a history of ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), sexually transmitted infections or other health issues that may affect your fertility, you should seek help from a specialist.




  1. Sticking to one sex position: This mistake should be avoided while trying to get pregnant. if you think sticking to one sex position will boost your chances of getting your pregnant, then you are wrong.  This is because there is no evidence that suggests that a certain sex position increases your chances of getting pregnant. During ejaculation, the sperm swims out and goes directly into the cervical mucus to the Fallopian tube for fertilization. This occurs irrespective of the sex position during sexual intercourse. So, you should not worry and have fun baby making.


  1. Irregular Sex: One of the mistakes couples make trying to get pregnant is not having enough sex. If you are planning for pregnancy, you should be aware of your fertile window as this is the best time for you to get pregnant. Your fertile window consists of 3 to 5 days to your ovulation and your ovulation period. Some couples miss the right time.


In conclusion, now to that you have found certain mistakes you should avoid while trying to get pregnant, your journey to conception should not be too difficult. Meanwhile, should go for fertility supplements like Evergreen formular for men and women including Evergreen EggBoost for women as they are recommended for Dad and Mums to be. Taking these fertility supplements will greatly boost your chances of pregnancy.

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