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An effective menstrual hygiene is essential to a woman’s reproductive well-being. Poor/Unhygienic menstrual practices can cause reproductive tract infections in women and this may ultimately affect her chances of conception.

Here are FIVE important tips we believe can help you maintain a proper menstrual hygiene.

  • Do not use a wet or damp cloth. Always wash it with soap and water and dry it well in sunlight.
  • You should consider bathing more often while on your period. This will help you beat bad odour from the vaginal region. It will also help relieve menstrual cramps, backaches and improve your mood.
  • Although it is important to wash yourself regularly during your period, it is NOT ADVISABLE to use soap inside your vagina or vulva. All you need to use is some warm water. However, you can use soap on the external parts. The vagina maintains a balance of good and bad bacteria. Washing it with soap can kill the good bacteria and pave way for infection(s).
  • Change Regularly – Basically, this should depend on how heavy your menstrual flow is. However, please note that menstrual blood attracts various organisms from our bodies. These organisms multiply in the warmth of the blood, and coupled with dampness in the vagina can cause rashes or urinary tract infection(s).
  • Do well to discard your used sanitary product properly to prevent foul smell and spread of infections. It is also very important that you wash your hands well after you’ve discarded the used sanitary product.

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