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 Do you know there are certain lifestyle choices that can affect your chances of conception? It is necessary for optimistic parents to practice a healthy lifestyle while trying to conceive. The lifestyle of couples can be a determinant as to whether they would be able to conceive or not. These lifestyle choices can be resolved by making a personal decision to stop them. These lifestyle choices that can affect your chances of conception include the following:

  1. YOUR WEIGHT: An unhealthy weight can affect your chances of conception. Maintaining a healthy weight could help to reduce the strains that interfere with your body while trying to conceive. For you to conceive, you will need to ovulate to release the egg that will be fertilized by the sperm. Being underweight or overweight could cause hormonal imbalance because fatty tissues play a major role in synthesizing hormones. Additionally, gaining or losing a significant amount of weight within a short period of time could affect your hypothalamus, which is the gland that controls the release of estrogen. Too little or too much estrogen could cause a missed or late period. Rapid weight gain or weight loss due to illness, or dietary changes, may interfere with hormone production or release, causing you to miss one period or more. Your body also needs to be healthy and strong enough to support the developing baby in the womb.


For men, being underweight or overweight could impair sperm production and give rise to hormonal imbalance. Being obese could also compress the testicles in between the thighs making the sperms can also perform poorly due to excessive heat. The excessive fat in a man’s body tends to convert into high oestrogen levels and low testosterone levels which impedes sperm production.


  1. YOUR DIET: Your diet is very important for you in your journey to conception. Go for a balanced diet which ensures your body gets appropriate nutrition and functions properly regarding ovulation and sperm production. If you are overweight, don’t go for foods that will further increase your blood sugar level, instead go for healthier foods such as fruits, vegetables, fibers, brown rice, oats, beans, peas, spinach, cereal, orange and whole grains if you are over-weight. You should also go for supplements such as EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR MEN AND WOMEN which will boost your fertility and increase your chances of conception.


  1. CAFFEINE: Studies and research have been able to link caffeine with male and female infertility. You should try to cut down your caffeine intake in your conception journey.


  1. SMOKING AND ALCOHOL: You should cut down your alcohol and smoking habits to the barest minimum as they can negatively affect your chances of conception. Alcohol and cigarette decrease sperm quantity, quality, and motility in men. It can also disrupt hormonal and DNA activity. Smoking can also damage the reproductive organs and rot the ovaries.


  1. STRESS: Stress can alter hormonal level and subsequently menstruation and ovulation. If you react to excess stress in a negative way, it could create a bad impact on your health. It can alter the functioning of the hypothalamus which regulates hormonal, appetite and emotional function. It is possible you may not ovulate if you are stressed out making it necessary for you to relax in your journey to conception.


  1. YOUR FERTILITY CYCLE: It is important for you to know your fertile and infertile window in your journey to conception. The best time for pregnancy to occur is during ovulation. You can get ovulation predictor kits like PREDICTE OVULATION TEST KIT to determine your ovulation period. Click here to learn more on how confirm your ovulation period using PREDICTE OVULATION TEST KIT.


  1. SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTION: Sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia are one of the major causes of infertility. It is good to practice safe sex for protection from sexually transmitted infection. It is also ideal to reduce your number of sexual partners and use condom whenever you have sex. You can also stick to one partner.


In conclusion, it is vital you live a healthy lifestyle and take the important nutrients that can boost your fertility, increase your chances of conception and ensure the proper functioning of your reproductive system





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