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The highest point of a woman’s reproductive life is between her late teens and early twenties. By the time most women reach age 30, fertility may start to decline, And by the time a woman reaches her mid-40s to late 40s, she might start finding it difficult to get pregnant naturally.

Here are 6 ways by which aging affects fertility in women

(1)          EGG QUALITY: Once a female child is born, she already has all the eggs she will ever have in her ovaries. The number of eggs will decrease as she gets older. After some time, the quality of the remaining eggs will begin to decline. This can make it harder to get pregnant. Also, abnormal chromosomes in the eggs increase the risk of having malformed babies. Drugs like EGGBOOST are recommended to improve the quality of egg released during ovulation. This will greatly increase the chances of conception.

(2)          FIBROIDS: Any woman of reproductive age could develop fibroids. However, the risk of fibroids increases with age up to menopause. In many cases, fibroids will naturally shrink for women who have reached menopause.

(3)          REPRODUCTIVE TISSUES: Several studies have shown that the reproductive tissues decline more predictably in women than in Men. For healthy couples in their 20s and early 30s, the chances of getting pregnant in each menstrual cycle is high (1 in 4 women). By age 40, the chances of getting pregnant in each menstrual cycle is low (1 in 10 women).

(4)          PREGNANCY COMPLICATIONS: Older females tend to have more health problems than younger women. For instance, high blood pressure is more prevalent in older people. Women who get pregnant later in life are at a higher risk of having complications such as preeclampsia. Getting pregnant later in life could also increase the risk of giving birth to abnormal babies.

(5)          MISCARRIAGE & STILLBIRTH: There are many causes of miscarriage or still birth that are not related to age. However, the risks of miscarriage and stillbirth are higher in women who are above the age of 35years.

(6)          MULTIPLE PREGNANCIES: Older women are more likely to have multiple pregnancies than younger women. This is because the ovaries tend to release more than one egg each month as the woman gets older. Although multiple pregnancies can be healthy, they can increase the risk of premature delivery.

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