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The most desirable outcome from pregnancy is a healthy baby irrespective of gender. However, at different points along your reproductive life, you may be more interested in having a male or female baby. Fortunately, medical science has made this possible through several methods.

The information on this article is based upon the shettles method of baby gender selection.

Please Note: This method is only about 70-90 percent accurate. It’s better to do gender selection when you’ve already had at least 1 baby because this gender selection method can actually decrease the chance of conception due to timing methods.

Normally, every woman ovulates once in a month. The egg released during ovulation is always X (female) but when a man ejaculates, he releases two types of sperm — X (being female) and Y (being male). The sperm ultimately determines the sex of your baby.

Ovulation is when an egg is released from the female ovary. This egg can be fertilized by sperm, resulting in the formation of ‘a baby’

If X-sperm fertilizes the egg (X), your baby will be XX (a girl) — BUT — If a Y-sperm fertilizes the egg (X), your baby will be XY (a boy).

It is believed that male sperm are faster than female sperm and will very likely reach the egg first. However, the male sperm have very short lifespan of about 24hours. They die easily because they used up most of their energy swimming quickly towards the egg.

Conversely, the X-sperm (female) has a longer life span. A female sperm can stay alive for up to 4-5days waiting for an egg to be released so it can fertilize the egg.

If there’s no egg available on time, the male sperm will die and the female sperm will fertilize the egg when it is released.

For couples planning to have a baby boy, intercourse should take place no more than 12 hours before ovulation OR during times of peak fertile mucus. if you have sex around 3-4 days before ovulation, it will most likely be a baby girl because all the male sperm must have died by the time of ovulation, leaving only the female sperm remaining to fertilize the egg when it finally arrives.

In this light, it is very important for you to be sure of your exact ovulation day. You can detect ovulation using PREDICTE ovulation prediction kits (similar to pregnancy tests). Although there are other methods of knowing your ovulation period like egg-white cervical mucus, temperature dip, mittelschmerz (one-sided lower abdominal pain), etc, the best way to be sure of your exact ovulation day is by doing a proper ovulation test using PREDICTE.



  • Each pack of PREDICTE contains 5 ovulation test strips + 1 pregnancy test strip
  • Make sure you know the length of your menstrual cycle
  • Some women have 28-days menstrual cycle lengths, So, we’ll do our calculations based on 28days. However, every woman’s body is different so the cycle length will be different depending on the woman’s body. (If your cycle length is more or less than 28 days, check the chart inside the PREDICTE Pack to know when you should begin testing).
  • For women with 28 days menstrual cycle, testing should begin on day 11 until you get a positive result.
  • Immerse the test strip inside your urine and take it out after 5 seconds then place it on a clean dry, non-absorbent surface and read the result appropriately. PREDICTE contains a manual that fully explains how you can easily interpret the results.
  • Once you get a positive result, that is an indication that your ovulation will occur in the next 24-36 hours.

  • For couples planning to have a baby boy, intercourse should take place no more than 12 hours before ovulation. So, when you get a positive result, wait the next day (24hrs) and repeat the test.
  • If your ovulation has already occurred, you will now get a negative result. With this, you can go ahead and have intercourse.
  • However, if you still get a positive result the second time, wait for another 12 hours before having intercourse.

If you follow these steps judiciously, you have an increased chance of having a BABY BOY.

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