How to Stay Positive While Trying To Conceive

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After trying to get pregnant for months or even years, it is not unlikely to feel discouraged. The feelings of doubt and self-destructive habits like worrying could start to set in after a while. It is therefore important to stay positive amidst all the challenges. Seeing others get pregnant with ease could be difficult to handle as the period of waiting for a pregnancy check could be very stressful.


In this article, we would be sharing some helpful tips on how to stay positive while trying to conceive. 


1. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Stress

Trying to get pregnant can be quite difficult and very stressful. Not only would you need to take medications, but you also need to keep checking to find out if the medications are working. This could lead to a lot of stress. Getting rid of unnecessary stress is one of the best ways you can ensure that you stay positive.


Find out what your common stressors are and avoid them as much as you can. Keep your mind safe from mental stress especially.


The way the human system is wired is such that stress is not very helpful for conception. Recent studies have shown that uncontrolled levels of stress can negatively affect the chances of conception in men and women. Getting stressed about getting pregnant is something to avoid much as possible. Try as much as you can to remove your focus from things you have no control over, instead focus on other things that you have control over. 


2. Stop Taking Pregnancy Tests Every Time


As much as possible avoid taking pregnancy tests every time. The reason for this is that being anxious about getting pregnant as discussed is not helpful.


When considering how to stay positive when trying to conceive, taking pregnancy tests every time builds up anxiety. The build-up of anxiety tends to suck dry your reserve of positivity and leave you empty. 


Only take the tests after you’ve missed your period. It’s not very easy to remain positive when a negative pregnancy strip stares at your face again. 



3. Get Rid Of The Negativity 


Positive and negative thinking comes to affect any aspect of one’s life. The fact that you have had difficulty getting pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean that you are barren or that you won’t have a child.


Consider your pursuit a journey, a process that you need to undertake, and that you would be successful at the end of it. It’s just taking you a lot longer than others. You would still be successful. 


Statements like “I can’t get pregnant”, and “I know I am barren”, shouldn’t be found with you. You shouldn’t speak words like that because they can affect your mind and corrupt your perspective about the entire matter.


Once you begin to feel negative about the process,  there would be resistance greater resistance in this regard. As much as possible, identify all thoughts that are negative and replace them with good thoughts. This is how to stay positive when trying to conceive.


When you think about conception, associate it with an amazing feeling rather than building resistance against it with negativity. 


Also, you need to watch your association while you trying to conceive.  Ensure that those around you are aware of your desire to have a baby and are positively cheering your on as you look to achieve your goal. As much as you can, remove negative associations. 


4. Enjoy Sex

Rather than having sex only because you are trying to have a child, have sex because you enjoy it. It is important to get to love the lovemaking process. Ensure that you are in a jovial or naughty state. Explore your sexiness with your partner. 


This is a way to stay positive while trying to conceive. Making sex a chore and having it only when you want to try for a baby can cause a decline in the sexual and romantic intimacy that you share with your partner. 


Rather than being worried about the end, enjoy the moment of pleasure with your partner while also not totally ignoring the timing. For a man that is having issues with erectile dysfunction which would affect sexual pleasure, we recommend EVERGREEN ACTION FOR MEN. It also helps to treat premature ejaculation in males.


5. Reconnect With Yourself and The Things You Love

Your life is very important, every part of it. When one part suffers, it could affect the rest. This is not how to stay positive while you’re trying to conceive. This saps energy.


Instead, reconnect with yourself. Do things you love doing and that make you happy. Go for that picnic with your partner. Embrace dancing (if it is something you love doing). 


In the end, ensure you’re busy making yourself wholesome. Taking time out to worry, would do you no good. If you like hanging out with some friends, do so. Engage yourself in activities that bring out the best in you. 


6. Start Dating

The stress and anxiety often experienced while trying to conceive could make couples get repulsive at each other and could toss away their sexual drive.


Spending time thinking about “What I could have done much better to get pregnant last time” isn’t a good way to stay positive if it leaves you depressed and angry.


Rather, you could spend time reconnecting with your partner think about the times you and your partner are to have quality sex, and try to recreate some of that experience now.


Stimulate such an atmosphere by taking your partner on a date.  Do those things that could set the passion aflame again. The picnic, the restaurant, the movies, etc. 


7. Support Systems Help You To Stay Positive

A good friend or family in time of need may be all the support you need. Although talking about your difficulty to conceive with a friend/family can be quite sensitive, the importance of knowing and finding the right support system (friends and family) in these times can’t be overemphasized.   


Sometimes friends and family may not understand your situation because they haven’t experienced such. In a case such as this, there are forums of people who are going through your exact experience. Connecting with some of them could be all you need to stay positive. Listening to the experiences and testimonies of people who have gotten their baby(s) after waiting for a long time can also be the encouragement you need to stay positive. Their advice could also be helpful in taking the right steps in achieving your pregnancy goals. 

You’re adding value to someone as you receive value from them as well. It’s a win-win situation. 



Habits like worrying, anxiety, and acting in desperation can suck dry every drop of positivity that you may have. Hence, you need to reinforce yourself by taking steps to ensure that you stay positive when you’re trying to conceive.

At Carrot Top Drugs Ltd, we are committed to helping couples become happy parents (families). We are your partner in your journey toward being happy families. While we anticipate your pregnancy testimony soon, we hope you have found these tips helpful even as you keep trying.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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