How To Get Pregnant Fast: Practical Steps To Increasing Your Chances.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines infertility as a disease of the male or female reproductive system defined by the inability to get pregnant after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse (6 months for women above 35). 

Dealing with a delay in an attempt to start a family can be stressful. The frustration may not just be from internal reasons but also from external causes. Some causes are family and friends who keep asking when you are going to start a family. Another external pressure is seeing couples get it right without even making much effort.

According to research, about 12 – 15% of couples in the US have difficulties with trying to conceive. In order to get things sorted out fast, it is advised that couples who are trying to get pregnant fast get the accurate information that they need. For this reason, we have compiled the best possible answers to the question: how to get pregnant fast when you have been trying with no success.

Understand the Link Between Age and Fertility

The age factor not only affects women, it also affects men as well. One of the leading causes of struggles or difficulties in the attempt to start a family is the age factor. 

Let’s take a woman as an example. All the egg cells a woman would ever need are found in her even as she was born. At birth, she has about 1-2 million egg cells. But not all of them would be viable before she reaches puberty. At puberty, the egg reserve would have dropped to about 300,000. A woman would experience a maximum of about 500 ovulations. This means that all she might need in the long run is just about 300-400 eggs. However, as she increases in age, the viability of the eggs reduces.

Age also affects men’s fertility especially when it comes to the quality of the sperm cells. Age affects sperm motility, sperm count, sperm motility, and morphology. This is why we recommend that couples see a fertility specialist together.

Find Out The Medical Obstacles

When a couple who are trying to get pregnant fast goes to see a fertility specialist, the first thing to be done is to carry out medical investigations to really ascertain the reasons for the difficulty in their attempt to make a family. For the man, the doctor could request a semen analysis while for the woman an ultrasound may be requested. 

Blood Work

This is a very important investigation. Within the blood are the hormones which could be investigated whether they are balanced or not. Some of the hormones that are to be checked are Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Anti-Mullerian Hormone, Luteinizing Hormone, Prolactin, Progesterone, Androgens, Estradiol, etc. The result of this blood work would reveal if there is any hormonal imbalance in any of the partners which could result in difficulty in trying to get pregnant fast.

Semen Analysis

This is a medical examination that aims to investigate the reproductive health of the man as it relates to his semen and sperm cells. 

There are different ways through which the man can produce the semen for investigation but the most preferred is the dry masturbation to ensure that the semen is not polluted by anything whatsoever. 

The semen analysis finds out if the man has sufficient sperm cells that can fertilize a woman’s egg (s) (sperm count). The ideal number should be above 20 million sperm cells. Also, sperm motility is very important. This measures how fast the sperm cells swim. The faster the better. Another thing that the semen analysis measures is sperm morphology. This refers to the shape that the sperm cells have. Some are abnormal with two heads, some with no tail, some with no heads while some are perfectly normal. Having a very high percentage of sperm cells with normal morphology makes it very easy for a man to impregnate a woman.

Other factors are also investigated; like the semen colour, semen viscosity, liquefaction time, etc. All of these have their importance when it comes to male fertility. 

Some conditions like low testosterone levels, blocked ducts, some medications, or some medical conditions may be responsible for some conditions like low sperm count (oligospermia) or zero sperm count (azoospermia).

Physical Examination

A routine vaginal ultrasound would be one of the investigations a fertility specialist would subject such a woman (who is trying to conceive) to. This ultrasound checks out the condition of the uterus and the ovaries to identify the presence or absence of fibroids or cysts. 

The fallopian tubes are also to be checked. The investigation that checks the health of the fallopian tube is called a hysterosalpingogram (HSG). HSG is an X-ray test that makes use of some kind of dye. This checks if there is any blockage that could hinder the fertilization of an egg by a sperm cell. 

Another test a doctor could request is the saline sonogram. The doctor uses this test to check out the uterus for fibroids, the presence of any scar tissue, and other abnormalities which could reduce the chances of a woman trying to get pregnant fast. 

How to Get Pregnant Fast When You Have Been Trying With NO Success

Now that the couple has gone to see the doctor and the preliminary tests have been done. The fertility specialist is a physician who in addition to his residency in obstetrics and gynaecology, has been trained for about 3 years in reproductive endocrinology. This gives them the requisite knowledge and experience needed to help couples trying to get pregnant fast achieve their goal.  

Boosting Your Fertility 

Factors like diet, lifestyle, and the environment are very important. Couples that are trying to get pregnant fast need to get themselves in the most fertile state possible. This is done by following the instructions stated below: 

Quit Smoking: 

It won’t matter much if the couple considers IVF or not because smoking tobacco products reduces the chances of conception. It also drops the health of the woman trying to conceive and even affects the health of the fetus in the event of successful implantation. For these reasons and more, couples trying to get pregnant fast should decide to quit smoking. 

Alcohol Consumption & Drugs

In order to get pregnant fast and start that family, a couple trying to conceive should know that alcohol and the use of hard drugs are very dangerous. Not only would it damage the body (especially the liver), it would also drop the chances of getting pregnant. Alcohol consumption can affect sexual drive (especially in men).

Healthy Body Mass Index

Being overweight or underweight is one of the causes of infertility in couples trying to get pregnant fast. So such a couple might need to get the best diet plans for their conditions. 

Get Rid of Environment Toxins and Free Radicals

Free radicals are dangerous to the tissues in the body. The reproductive cells (sperms and eggs) are not excepted from their ravaging ability. They reduce the viability of these cells. Free radicals and environmental toxins cannot be totally avoided due to the fact that many of them are ubiquitous when we come in contact with others based on the nature of our jobs. They are found in the products that we use, some are in water, others are in the air due to pollution, etc.

The best bet is to get antioxidants that would prevent the cells from their reach while they get rid of the free radicals. This is a very good solution because not only are the cells safe, the toxins are taken out. Our Evergreen Formula for Men and Women are supplements that perform these functions adequately.

Also, taking fresh food as much as possible is also a good strategy. Being cognizant of the contents listed on the labels of processed food helps too. 

Treat Sexual Infections

Sexually transmitted infections are detrimental to reproductive health which is why it is advised to stay with a sexual partner. Also when you discover that you or your partner has been infected with a sexually transmitted infection, you both should get treated. 

Take Fertility Supplements

When trying to get pregnant fast it is very important for you to ensure that your body has all the essential nutrients and vitamins that are important to make your dream a reality. Taking supplements like EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR MEN and EVERGREEN MOTILITY FOR MEN are very good when it comes to ensuring that a man has all the necessary nutrients in their appropriate proportions. EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR WOMEN, EVERGREEN CERVICAL MUCUS, EVERGREEN EGGBOOST, and a number of other supplements which you can find on our products page are very important in making any couple’s dream to have a child come to reality.


In recent times, the study of medicine has progressed and Assisted Reproductive Techniques ( ART) has helped couples tackle infertility.  These techniques and treatment procedures are designed to help increase the chances of conception, however,  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has had the highest success rate. IVF may be recommended if any of the following occurs; 

  • Fallopian tube blockage or damage
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Genetic disorders
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Previous tubal sterilization or removal
  • Impaired sperm production or function

Best practices combine several procedures to ensure the best result. These are Single Embryo Transfer (SET), Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), and Genetic Screening. 

Pre-implantation genetic testing helps to identify chromosomal abnormalities which could have resulted in a fetus with deficiencies and defects. This reduces the occurrence of miscarriages because fetuses with chromosomal defects are more liable to get miscarried. This is what makes pre-implantation genetic testing very important when it comes to IVF, because, with it, the doctors can choose the best embryo for transfer which would increase the chances of getting pregnant. 

Since IVF is quite expensive, it is very cost-effective to make use of pre-implantation genetic testing which ensures that the couple has the best chance of conceiving. Reduced risk of failed transfers, miscarriages, and the number of attempts. 


It is very possible to get pregnant fast even if you have been trying for a long with no success. As you plan to take this step, it is important to get your body in the best condition possible. Our hopes and prayers are with you. We look forward to your testimony soon and we hope that you also join the league of couples who have their own child(ren).

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