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Have you ever questioned the effectiveness of fertility supplements you see every day?

Have you been advised so much your ear aches already?

Do you run away from being seen by some specific people due to what you constantly hear?

A lot of couples are breaking down, not really because of their infertility, but because of the insensitivity and pressure around them, a lot of this pressure comes from their parents, friends, family members, and others who wish them well.

While we’re trying to get pregnant, we sometimes even forget our partners are humans and ought to be our best friends, instead, the affections suddenly slip out the door like a breeze.

This reminds me of a couple who got pregnant a few months after they decided to focus on themselves and love each other whether or not they got pregnant, their only consolation was the fact that they had gotten and done (food, lubricants, fertility supplements) all they believed they needed to do to get pregnant, so what did they do?

  • They laughed together often
  • They did things they loved together
  • Their lovemaking sessions were more fun
  • Cuddling and massaging each other after sex
  • Praying and affirming the possibility of conception.
  • Determined to not allow other people’s pressure get to them.

What can you start doing today that can triple your effort and get you your desired goal of pregnancy?

Or do you intend to allow the pressure of others get to you and your spouse? I think not too

For a couple to increase their ability to conceive, there are questions to be answered.

For how long have you been trying to conceive? A couple is said to be infertile if they’ve been trying to get pregnant after 12months (1year).

What have you been using to aid your conception?

Some women have been a victim of rape, some have committed an abortion, and some have been battling with hormonal imbalance and other forms of health challenges that have affected their ability to get pregnant. In our interactions with some of our customers, we’ve discussed with some women who believe that our fertility supplement EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR WOMEN should correct some abnormalities within the first one or two months, while this is a possibility, one should not doubt the potency of such drugs when the health challenge isn’t a yesterday’s problem.

With issues like low sperm count, sperm motility and morphology issues, anovulation, hormonal imbalance, irregular menstruation and others like it, fertility supplements like EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR WOMEN, EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR MEN, EVERGREEN CM that helps to regulate and help couples prepare their reproductive systems for conception to occur.

Do you know the essential foods you need to eat?

A lot of couples trying to conceive are unaware of the effect food has on their ability to get pregnant, foods such as uncooked meat such as suya, junks and some lifestyle choices like alcohol, caffeine amongst others are part of the reasons for the reduction the possibility of a pregnancy. Foods such as yam, whole grains, dairy products and eggs are some of the foods you shouldn’t let go of when you’re trying for a baby.  Click here to learn more

What are the things you need to do to get pregnant faster?

  • Have the right weight

This concerns both the husband and wife as an obese or malnourished spouse is unhealthy and this would impact negatively on the remaining points raised in the course of this article.

Exercise, foods and mental exercises are what I would recommend for couples who are trying to conceive, yet battle with excess fat.

  • Boost your sperm and reproductive system

One of the highly overlooked part a lot of couples miss out on is in the sperm quality… When you’re actively trying for a child, the very first thing we encourage couples to do is to go for a semen analysis for men and hormonal analysis for women. A lot of men have low sperm count and are ignorant of this, some women have some hormonal issues and until they’re able to identify it, they won’t see the need for drugs like & that helps to boost sperm count and realign a woman’s hormones and provide the necessary supplements.

  • Structure your ovulation cycle to align with your pregnancy goals

As a woman, your fertile days are for a few days, to be more specific, your ovulation is only one day and you’re advised to have sex a day before and on the day of your ovulation, having sex at this time has been proven to improve your chances.

Have you tried our Basically, the test sample required is your urine. You’ll immerse the strip into your urine, take it out after 5 seconds then place it on a clean dry surface and read the result appropriately. The kit contains a manual that further explains how to use it and how to interpret the results.

  • Use sperm friendly lubricants

Imagine being intentional with all the points we’ve raised so far, only for you to destroy all your efforts by using the lubricant that destroys sperm quality…Vaginal dryness is one of the factors that hinders the enjoyment of sex when couples are actively trying to conceive.

You should get the to optimize your wetness during sex, You’re to insert it into your vagina 15minutes before sexual intercourse.

  • Temperature

After sex, please and please, desist from anything that increases your temperature, whether it’s a warm bath or a strenuous bath as this affects sperm motility and viability.

Couples having frequent unprotected sex without any medical condition are expected to get pregnant within a year, so, with the knowledge we’ve shared so far, it is safe to say that you can get pregnant faster by using your supplements, tracking your ovulation period, use sperm friendly lubricants and have sex regularly especially during your ovulation period.

Below are some testimonies to encourage you on your journey to conception.

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