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To determine when it’s best to do the baby-dance, it is important that women know how to calculate their ovulation day thereby increasing their chances of conception.

While we’ve tried our best to share answers with our customers who ask us these questions individually, I think it’s best we have an article that would be a resourceful guide you can read and share with your friends when they ask you too.

Are you trying to get pregnant, then questions about ovulation, how to calculate your ovulation,

Best time to have sex during your ovulation period so that you can get pregnant will be answered in this article and,

Hopefully, you’re able to learn how you can accurately calculate your ovulation day.

Apply what you learn from this article and boost your ability to achieve your goal of conception faster.

What is Ovulation?

Ovulation day

In simple terms, ovulation is the release of a mature egg from a woman’s ovary. Every month, a woman releases an egg from her ovaries and when the egg is released,

It travels down through the Fallopian tube and can either become a fetus when it comes in contact with sperm or it can be expelled from the body as menstruation.

Ovulation lasts for only one day but the ovulation period is between 24-36 hours, during this period, having sexual intercourse with your spouse on those days can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

How to calculate your Ovulation day


ovulation day,

Before you can rightly know your ovulation day, it is imperative that you have a consistent menstrual flow, if you’re experiencing hormonal imbalance issues, you might have to use  Fertility supplements that will optimize your reproductive tissues and promote a balanced menstrual cycle in women.

The normal menstrual cycle of women is between 28 to 35 days, this is the number of days it takes for your body to mature your egg for release, the middle of your menstrual cycle is your ovulation period.

When a woman has 28days menstrual cycles, she’ll usually ovulate between day 13, 14, or 15. If your cycle occurs between 27-34 days, then your ovulation will most likely between days 13 to 20.

Because there are varying ovulation periods due to drugs, moods, diet, and other factors, women don’t get to know their real ovulation days and that is why  Predicte Ovulation Test has been created to help women who are actively trying to get pregnant have a test kit that ACCURATELY predicts their ovulation day.

It is very important for a woman to keep track of her menstrual cycle as this is one of the most helpful, self-help ways to get pregnant as your ovulation day is your most fertile and receptive period to get pregnant.

Best time to have sex during your ovulation

ovulation dayTo maximally utilize your ovulation period, then you should

  • Have sex the night before your ovulation day
  • Engage in sex the morning of your ovulation day
  • Have sex the night of your ovulation day
  • Enjoy sex the morning after your ovulation day.

We recently shared an article where we talked about Effective Sex Positions for couples trying to conceive, you should read it so as to do the baby-dance rightly.

What can influence Ovulation?

From the foods we eat to our lifestyle, it is important that we are intentional about how what we do, directly or indirectly affects our ovulation.

One of the major ways you can influence your ovulation is by using fertility supplements like Evergreen Formular for Women, it is a potent fertility booster, It HELPS to provide hormonal balance in women.

  • It ensures regular menstruation and ovulation and promotes overall reproductive well-being.
  • It provides full anti-oxidant support and fully optimizes the female reproductive system for conception.

Symptoms of Ovulation

i. Increased sense of smell

ii. Change in vaginal discharge

This is the time a lot of women experience sticky-egg-white discharge which signifies the time is right for the egg to be released.

iii. Increase in body temperature

Most women experience a change in body temperature.

iv. Breast Tenderness

v. Sexual Urges

Most women have an increased urge for sexual intercourse during this period.

Having shared how you can calculate your ovulation day, we have created an Ovulation Prediction Test Kit which helps you know your EXACT ovulation day in an accurate, easy to use and effective method.

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By calculating your ovulation days, you increase your chances of conception,  You can do this by maintaining a consistent menstrual cycle which can be influenced by taking Fertility supplements that will optimize your reproductive tissues.

ovulation dayovulation day

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