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Vitamin C plays an important role in boosting your immunity. It is also a very versatile nutrient. It plays an essential role in a wide range of different systems and processes throughout your body. From helping to heal bruises and cuts to supporting your adrenals when you are stressed. That said, Vitamin C is a best known as an immunity booster. The ways Vitamin C can boost your immunity include following:

  1. It directly supports your immune system: The scientific name for pure Vitamin C is ascorbic acid and it has been shown to support a vast amount of immune mechanisms in the body. Take for example, your white blood cells are very important components of your immune system, you could have different types of white blood cells, each of which helps to fight off illness-causing bacteria and viruses in a different way. Vitamin C helps to stimulate the function and production of many of these types of white blood cells. It as well helps your body produce antibodies: proteins that bind invading microbes to neutralize them. Vitamin C’s strong antioxidant properties help to protect certain white blood cells form toxic compounds they produce in their fight against pathogens. That said, vitamin C is an essential nutrient for boosting your immunity.



  1. The immunity benefits if Vitamin C are far beyond your white blood cells: Your immune system is not a simple set of cells that work in isolation from anything else. Instead, it is a complex network of interconnected organs, processes, and cells. Also, several of your body’s other functions, affect how well your immune system can perform and vitamin C plays a role in several of these functions as well. Take for example, your skin and mucous membranes are your body’s defense first line. Take for example, a puncture or cut in your skin can become a doorway for infection-causing bacteria. Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen, which is a key protein in skin and facilitates proper wound healing. Likewise, your adrenal glands play an important role in your body’s response to stress, as they use a significant amount of Vitamin C each time a stress response get triggered.


In conclusion, Vitamin C has been linked to different ways it can boost your immunity as explained earlier. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and can only be obtained from diets and supplements. Sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, vegetables, broccoli and spinach.  It cannot be produced by the body. Vitamin C supplements is a great and easy way to boost your vitamin C intake if you do not get enough from your diet. Get Evergreen Vitamin C today to boost your immunity and health.



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