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Do you remember during Biology classes back then in Secondary school when your teacher taught reproduction and after classes, and the only thing you remember is the fact that if you have sex any time of the month, you’ll get pregnant?

For some people, the fear of pregnancy haunted them until they got married and this belief could be a barrier to conception even though it is unknown to them. If this is you, don’t worry, by the end of this article, you would have been enlightened and inspired to have sex at the right time, by eating the right foods and other things you need to do to GET PREGNANT

Contrary to what your high school secondary school teacher taught you, you have only one week every month when sex can lead to pregnancy and this is around your ovulation period. Recently on our WhatsApp group (CTDRUGS TTC FAMILY), a woman asked a question and in answering her, I think that I might have given an answer which, even though might not be wrong, might have confused her even more.

My conversation with that woman birthed this article and hopefully, she reads it and gains all the clarity she needs, and you, you and you reading this, hopefully, you learn one or two things from this article.

The following are some of the questions people ask when they’re actively trying to conceive (TTC) and I trust you can always reference this article on your journey to becoming a family.

Why am I having Sex? 

How often should my husband and I have sex?

What are the best sex positions for getting pregnant?

What food do I need to eat to prepare my body for sex?

Some of these questions are not all that there is, you can ask yours in the comment section below, having said that, let’s get into our talk for the day…

Why am I having Sex? 

To make babies or just for pleasure?

One of the things that affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant is when the pressure and anxiety about making babies are more than the need to enjoy the bond and ecstasy of lovemaking with her boo. If your reason for getting intimate with your boo is only to get pregnant at this time, the sex might already be boring and not as sizzling as it would be seen as a chore, this leads to passive and dutiful sex…Not so interesting I presume.

The best way to do this is to incorporate both sex for babies and sex for pleasure into your intimate sessions, Like,  have fun and enjoy a pleasurable time with your boo without forgetting that you should get pregnant too. Sounds doable, yeah!

How often should my husband and I have sex?

While there’s no straightjacket answer to this question, we have to talk about the essentials and you can decide on what you really want to do.

When trying to conceive, it is imperative for a woman to know and track her menstrual cycle so that she’s more aware of her ovulation period and engage more in sex during those periods. According to a recent research, couples have sex about 13 times in a month, you can increase or reduce your own number depending on your preference, only ensure that you have enough sex during your ovulation days…Kachifo, lol.

The average number of menstrual cycle days is 28-30 days and the ovulation occurs 12 to 16 days before the next expected period.

What are the best sex positions for getting pregnant?

It is believed that conception also depends on your position. A recent research found that the most popular position for making babies is missionary and doggy style.

Apart from these two styles, ensure that you infuse other interesting styles that show you consider your partner’s pleasure and not only because you intend to get pregnant. Give your partner some good-good loving.

What food do we need to eat to prepare your body for sex?

One of the major things that helps prepare you for sex is what you eat before you get-down-low.

Foods like vegetables & nuts, fruits like banana, watermelon, ginger, strawberry, avocado and coconut oil.

Can I share a secret with as a bonus point?

Do you promise to keep it hush-hush?

Okay, now that I have your attention…lol,  Try to infuse “Finger Foods”  into your menu before you get intimate, the picking, licking and carefree way of eating associated with finger foods helps to reduce the tension and helps you to relax.

Examples include small chops, chicken and chips, shawarma, and pizza.

There are other factors to consider, but I’ll need to know that you want to know about it, Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below↓

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