TRYING TO CONCEIVE? 6 Effective Sex Positions that will increase your chances of getting pregnant

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TRYING TO CONCEIVE? 6 Effective Sex Positions that will increase your chances of getting pregnant

For couples trying to conceive, Effective Sex and not just sex is what makes the baby-dance a baby-dance. That one dance that is imperative in your journey to conception. Let’s go down memory lane, shall we?

Do you remember how your honeymoon was?

Do you relish the memories of those moments of bliss, how you melted under the touch of your spouse and you both journeyed to ecstasy while being transported to Mars and had to return back to earth…lol What happened when the pressure of being a parent became so much that you stopped being sensual and started having sex just to check your urine on a pregnancy test strip? It might be true that it is mostly women who read the articles we share, I’ll encourage each and every one of us to share with their spouses as his/her cooperation is needed to effect some of the things you’ll be learning here. Are you trying to conceive? There are some factors you need to consider before, during and after sex! Before Sex:

  • Foreplay seems to be one of the most talked about stuff when it comes to sex, however, it has not for once lost its relevance as the roles it plays can’t be overlooked, it prepares both the man and woman to enjoy pleasurable sex.

Most women experience pain and discomfort that leads to bruises whenever they’re not properly aroused. Besides that, the sperm counts in a man’s ejaculate increases if a man has more arousal rather than less, so, this sounds like a win-win situation for both of you. Don’t get down to business until both of you are aroused enough for lovemaking.

  • Ovulation – When trying to conceive, the very first thing to consider is the state of your eggs as a woman and the best times for your baby-making ability to be at its HIGHEST!

This is during your heat days, you know those periods that you’re feeling cranky, exceptionally horny, Those days your discharge is egg-white sticky and stretchy with a breast tenderness that wants to be caressed… The type that makes you crave attention…yeah, those periods are the best times as they’re telling you the EGG is ready for the trying to conceive

For best results, You should

  • Have sex the night before your ovulation day
  • Engage in sex the morning of your ovulation day
  • Have sex the night of your ovulation day
  • Enjoy sex the morning after your ovulation day. If you’re experiencing anovulation or want to increase your chances of conception during ovulation, then, it’s advisable that you use EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR WOMEN. trying to conceive
  • What you eat is also very important as it helps prep your hormones to align with your baby-making goals. Nuts like groundnut, walnuts, cashews, tiger-nuts are your best bets too as they contain varying amounts of Omega 3 that are imperative when you’re trying to conceive.If you’re experiencing vaginal dryness, using a healthy vaginal lubricator can help reduce the pain and make the experience more pleasurable for you. A lot of people who have used Preseed vaginal lubricant and to say that they’re experiencing better and pleasurable sex would be an understatement.
  • I’ll advise you use if you’re experiencing vaginal dryness. (Pardon me, but vaginal dryness makes a woman feel like she’s been violated but she’s too conservative to tell you).

    During Sex:

    This is a very important part of your baby making as some of the things you do during lovemaking is imperative for when you’re trying to conceive. One of the major things to note is to try to always pull your hips up as a woman, Your husband’s penetration helps to position the sperm to get closer to your cervix and flow easily to your egg. And yes, one more thing before we move to the next point, yes, you guys are trying to conceive, but the main koko is that you guys are doing “boogie down”,

  • please don’t take the fun and sensuality away from it.

    After Sex:

    After doing the “DO”, please, you as a woman should stay lying on your back for some time, your boo can stay a while to give you a foot rub or a back rob just to help ensure that your EGGS are adequately receiving the sperm…lol Please, men, your woman needs to be cuddled, paid some attention to after the show, this is not the time to snore away or go watch Tv…NO! You can also raise your back by using a Pillow to prop yourself, to get the best results; please do this for 5-10 minutes after every baby-making session. We’ll be talking about some sex positions that their angle of penetration offers a better means of transportation of sperm to the egg. While you know most of these styles before now, the idea is to note the details that help YOU achieve your aim; to get PREGNANT. trying to conceive

Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Missionary

In this position, your back is on the ground and the penis gets very close to the cervix and is able to easily ejaculate sperm for easy flow to the egg. Since the vagina is tilted towards the cervix in this position, the sperm has a much higher chance of entry into the uterus. This is a great position and you can place a pillow to help raise your butt and increase the tilt of your vagina and receive the sperm that will help you conceive faster during intercourse. 2.Doggy This not only provides a very good angle of deep penetration for the man, but it also helps the sperm get closer to the egg due to the woman positioning her hands on her knees and allowing the man access from behind. If you’re trying to conceive and you don’t regularly engage in Doggy, now is the best time to start. 3. Spooning A lot of couples enjoy spooning because it helps to increase the feeling of bond and intimacy during sex, what they haven’t really tapped into is how they can best harness this position for their conception goals. In this position, one partner lies on one side with knees bent in a sleeping position, while the other partner, usually the man lies with his front pressed against the back of the woman with his penis coming through for a rear-entry. As a woman, you can raise your leg to be much more open and to better help the sperm gain easy access to the egg. 4. Camel Ride is the fourth sex position we’re looking at in this article, not only is it an enjoyable position for couples, but it also helps them achieve their pregnancy goals faster. In this position, the woman lies on her left side while the man grabs her right leg in the air while adjusting his hand on her waist, gets a good angle to penetrate deeply and thereby getting closer to her cervix with every thrust. One of the reasons this is a pleasurable position is because the man is able to play with her clitoris and excite her more, thereby making the sex sizzling. 5. Splitting bamboo Just like the camel ride, the splitting bamboo has the woman lying on her back with one of her leg raised into the air and lays the other on the bed or on the floor. The woman’s leg is raised on his shoulder for support. While holding her raised leg, he enters and thrusts deeply into her, this position also helps to achieve the goal of conception as the cervix is well placed to favor the direction of the penis and ultimately the sperm. 6. Butterfly The butterfly again allows for good tilting and penetration, the woman lies on her back on a flat raised surface. This could work on your bed but something higher like a table will give you the best results, with this elevation, the man is able to penetrate deeper and also get the sperm closer to the egg. In the long run, doggy, splitting bamboo or spooning is a means to an end (PREGNANCY) and you want to ensure that moments of intimacy is what it is; MOMENTS OF INTIMACY Therefore, it shouldn’t become a duty that your spouse starts feeling like a baby-making object when you’re trying to conceive. trying to conceive It is advisable to use Pre-Seed when you begin to experience vaginal dryness during intercourse, it is sperm friendly and a highly recommended personal vaginal lubricant. There are so many things to consider when trying to conceive, and we know that the act and art of conception should be given special attention. Have more styles we should include to help other couples conceive faster? Please comment below.

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