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Studies have shown that there is no sex position that increases your chances of getting pregnant. The sperm makes it way to the cervix within seconds of ejaculation, and it can be found in the Fallopian tube within 15 minutes irrespective of the sex position. Although the sperm may swim more effectively if gravity is working in its favour. As far as the sperm is deposited close to the cervix, you have an equal chance of getting pregnant. There are some sex positions which could make sperm more efficient in reaching the egg thereby improving your chances of getting pregnant. These sex positions you should try out while trying to get pregnant include:


  1. MISSIONARY POSITION: This sex position is one of the most common sex positions tried by couples when trying to get pregnant. In this sex position, the woman usually lies on her back and the man lies on top of her while they face each other and engage in vaginal intercourse. It may involve sexual penetration or non-penetrative sex. Also, in missionary sex position, the man on top allows the sperm to flow into your vaginal opening towards the cervix. For more effectiveness, you can place a pillow underneath your bottom, which can provide a more favorable angle for the sperm.


  1. DOGGIE STYLE: Doggie style is a type of sex position in which a woman bends over, usually on the hands and knees or lies on the abdomen for sexual intercourse. Then the man, inserts his penis from behind into her vagina. With vaginal sex, doggie allows for deeper penetration and sexual stimulation. Any sex position which allows deep penetration can help the sperm get as close to the cervix as possible and may increase your chances of getting pregnant.


  1. LEGS ON SHOULDERS: It is a kind of missionary sex position, whereby the woman lies on her back and raises her legs as high as possible and resting them on her partners shoulders. The man then kneels in front and holds her lower legs in place while inserting his penis into her vagina during sexual intercourse. The shoulder is a good spot for sexual stimulation in women, but it could require some sort of flexibility on the part of the woman. The legs on shoulders sex position allows sperm to get as close to the cervix as possible as well as having the benefit of gravity.


  1. WHEELBARROW SEX POSITION: The wheelbarrow position is one of the most interesting sex positions to get pregnant. The woman gets into a position like she is about to be the wheelbarrow in a wheelbarrow race. The hands are either on the flow or the bed (you can as well rest on your elbows). The man holds the woman’s legs and places his thighs in between them, entering from behind, which creates room for deep penetration that can bring the sperm closer to the egg. The sex position creates deep penetration, sexual stimulation/sensation and submission of the female partner.


  1. REAR ENTRY SEX POSITION: In this sex position, as the woman lies on her stomach, the man penetrates from behind. This deep position could provide the right angle of penetration to create sexual stimulation/orgasm.


  1. SIDE BY SIDE SCISSORS SEX POSITION: In this sex position, the male and female lie side by side as they enter each other. Penetration is achieved by the inter-crossing of legs across the body which allows the penis to be inserted into the vagina. This position can give deep entry which could help the sperm reach the cervix quickly.


  1. REVERSE COW-GIRL POSITION: In this sex position, the woman sits on her partner facing away from him, which provides a unique angle of entry. The woman straddles (an act of sitting or standing with one’s legs wide apart) her penetrating partner, and unlike a cowgirl position, she faces away from her partner. She also controls the extent and duration if the penetration. It stimulates sexual stimulation in women and gives the woman access to her clitoris, creating room for additional manual stimulation.


  1. CAT (COITAL ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUE): This sex position could be very effective in achieving female orgasm. To achieve this, one partner would have to lie on their back and extend their legs straight out. The lady, who is the bottom partner, will receive most of the stimulation. The top partner, which is the man, would lift his body higher, than in the usual missionary position, so that his chest will align with the woman’s shoulders.


The man can carefully rest his weight on the woman once they are both in alignment.  This will reduce the amount of space between the genitals and it will create more friction. From here, the man can slowly enter the woman, but at just the tip. The shaft of the penis will rest against the vulva. Then, the up-and-down rocking motion begins which will allow for slight vaginal penetration while the shaft of the penis rubs against the clitoris. Keep it slow and steady.


In conclusion, there is no sex position that increases your chances of getting pregnant. As far as the sex position favours the movement of the sperm on its way to the cervix, you should get pregnant. Click here to read more about sex positions while trying to get pregnant

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