CERVICAL MUCUS CHANGES: How your Cervical mucus affects fertility.

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Adequate cervical mucus is important when trying to conceive because it nourishes and protects the sperm as it journeys through the female reproductive tract to fertilize the egg. Cervical mucus is a gel-like or fluid discharge secreted by the cervix. The production is stimulated by the hormone oestrogen. Also, the amount and quality of cervical mucus will change throughout your menstrual cycle due to hormonal fluctuations. This will help you predict your fertile days in your journey to conception. As you get yourself well acquainted with changes in your cervical mucus, you will know the proper time to have sex for you to conceive.

1.CERVICAL MUCUS DURING YOUR MENSTRUAL PERIOD: During menstruation, your cervical mucus would most likely be mixed with blood and you may not notice any during these days.

2.CERVICAL MUCUS AFTER YOUR MENSTRUAL PERIOD: Immediately after your period, the cervical mucus us very low and you may feel dry this time without seeing any discharge. However, as the days progress, more mucus will become present and it might be cloudy, white in color and some-how sticky to touch.

3. CERVICAL MUCUS BEFORE OVULATION: Your body produces cervical mucus before the release of an egg or before ovulation. The cervical mucus at this phase of your menstrual cycle might feel stretchy or gluey in consistency. As ovulation approaches, estrogen levels begin to rise. This causes the cervix to secrete more cervical mucus. You may notice your cervical mucus is more clear, watery, stretchy and slippery, with a consistency similar to the white part of raw egg, hence the name “EGG WHITE CERVICAL MUCUS (EWCM).” The EWCM serves as a suitable protective medium for the sperm in terms of texture and pH.

5. CERVICAL MUCUS DURING OVULATION: The clear, stretchy cervical mucus with egg white consistency will be present during ovulation. The pH and texture of this mucus is very conducive for the sperm. Therefore, if you are trying to conceive, you should have sex during your ovulation period.

6.CERVICAL MUCUS AFTER OVULATION: Cervical mucus quantity begins to decline after ovulation and it may turn cloudy, thicker and cloudy. Dry days might also be experienced during this time.

You can feel your cervical mucus at the opening of your vagina. If you notice you have not been able to produce significant amount of fertile quality cervical mucus, you should try and stay properly hydrated as this is very essential. You should also take supplements like EVERGREEN CM  to boost your body’s natural cervical mucus.

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