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A man’s sexual health is an important part of a his life, no matter his age, societal status, or sexual orientation. It is also an important part of a couple’s foundation and contributes to the quality of life. Sexual problems in men are very common and impact sexual health . It affects men of all ages, but is more common with increasing age. Many problems with sexual health can be treated.
During sexual activity, various systems of the body involved are coordinated. Hormones and neurological pathways must be in sync for sexual desire to be present. Blood vessels, nerves, and penile integrity must all be present for an adequate erection and its maintenance during the sexual relation. Muscles and nerves coordinate ejaculation achieved when the physiological passageway for sperm (from the testicles to the urethra) is present.
The definition of sexual problems is the inability to have a satisfactory sexual relationship . This is dependent on each individual’s perception on what he can term as a satisfactory sexual relationship. The main types of sexual dysfunction or sexual problems in men are:
– Erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting/keeping an erection).
-Premature ejaculation (ejaculation that occurs before or too soon after penetration).
-Delayed or inhibited ejaculation (reaching orgasm too slowly or not at all).
-Low libido (reduced interest in sex).

The causes of poor sexual performance in men are generally physical or psychological.
Here are some physical causes of poor sexual performance:
-Low testosterone levels.
-Prescription drugs (antidepressants, high blood pressure medicine).
-Blood vessel disorders such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and high blood pressure.
-Stroke or nerve damage from diabetes or surgery.
-Alcoholism and drug abuse.
Psychological or emotional causes for poor sexual performance in men might include:
-Marital or relationship problems.
-Depression or feelings of guilt.
-Effects of past sexual trauma.
-Work-related stress and anxiety.
With that said, EVERGREEN POTENT FOR MEN is highly recommended for sexual dysfunction. It is a sexual enhancement formular that is proven to help achieve firmer and long-lasting erection. It also helps to prevent premature ejaculation, boosts male libido, and enhances sexual performance.

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