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When miscarriage happens, people sometimes conclude that it’s because the woman has a problem. However, some miscarriages can be a result of the father’s sperm quality. When miscarriages occur multiple times, it is important to focus on both the father as well the mother.  Sperm count, motility and cellular fluid in the sperm are some of the key factors to be considered for a healthy pregnancy.

Below are some of the cases where a man’s sperm can cause miscarriage.

  1. Sperm DNA fragmentation: The goal of sperm is to fertilize the egg and pass the father’s genes to the next generation. It is important that the DNA contained within the sperm remains neither damaged nor fragmented. Damaged or fragmented DNA portends a high risk of miscarriage. Several studies have been able to link overweight, poor diet, smoking, pollution and infection, illness or fever to fragmented DNA within the sperm.
  2. Lifestyle Choices: Just as the woman’s health before pregnancy is essential, so is the men. Unhealthy lifestyle choice such as: drinking, smoking, drug abuse, poor nutrition and excessive weight can affect the sperm of a man. These can reduce sperm quality/viability, sperm morphology (shape and size), thus, decreasing the chances of a successful pregnancy. If an egg is fertilized by abnormal sperm, there is a high chance that such pregnancy would end in a miscarriage.
  3. Chromosomal Problems: Chromosomes are blocks of DNA that encode all information needed during development. When a sperm fuses with an egg, half of a developing baby’s chromosomes come from the father while the other half comes from the mother (23 from the mother and 23 from the father, so the total 46 chromosomes results in the fetus). If during conception, the embryo gets the abnormal number of chromosomes (can be too many or too few), this can lead to a miscarriage.

In conclusion, several factors can increase the risk of miscarriage with poor sperm quality as a probable cause. If miscarriages occur frequently, it is essential the woman does a proper pelvic exam to assess her reproductive organs and the man undergoes tests for sperm analysis which looks at the mobility, shape and count. Sperm quality can be improved by living a healthy lifestyle and taking fertility Supplements like Evergreen for men which will boost sperm count, function, motility and support sperm shape, size and morphology and overall male reproductive system

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