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Amenorrhea is the medical term used to describe absence of menstruation in a woman of reproductive age. There are some times when amenorrhea is normal or natural. For instance during pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause. Also, there are cases where amenorrhea may be due to factors such as lifestyle choices, use of certain medications, contraceptives and conditions such as hormone imbalance. Simply put, amenorrhea may be normal, but it could also be a sign that something is wrong.

Can a girl/woman get pregnant even if she is experiencing amenorrhea (i.e. Not Menstruating)????

First, we must understand that there are 2 types of Amenorrhea:
(1)  Primary Amenorrhea: 
(2)  Secondary Amenorrhea

Can a girl get pregnant if she has never had her period (Primary Amenorrhea)??

Yes, a girl can get pregnant before she gets her first menstrual period. Even through, regular menstruation is an important part of a typical menstrual cycle, pregnancy is mostly tied to ovulation. A girl can ovulate even before having her first period, so it is possible for her to get pregnant if she has unprotected sex.

Can a woman get pregnant if her period stops coming?

Typically, if a woman within reproductive age is experiencing irregular menstruation, it can be a sign that she is also not ovulating properly. Therefore, getting pregnant for such a woman may be difficult. However, this does not mean that pregnancy is impossible. Women who are not menstruating properly may still get pregnant if ovulation occurs and they happen to have unprotected sexual intercourse around the time of ovulation.

Can a nursing mother get pregnant again shortly after childbirth without seeing her period?

Most women are less likely to get pregnant while they are breastfeeding, especially during the early weeks and months after giving birth. However, It is possible for a new mom to get pregnant again any time from three months after giving birth even if she has not seen her postpartum period yet. This is because ovulation may occur when she becomes fertile again. During this time, she may not necessarily know that her ovulation has resumed. The chances of getting pregnant again reduces further up to about 6 months if she is exclusively breastfeeding. This means that she must breastfeed the baby at least every four hours during the day and every six hours at night, and give no extra baby foods to the child.

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