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Breast discharge, when experienced by women who are trying to get pregnant, is known as an abnormal breast discharge.

Breastfeeding mothers are known to release the hormone responsible for breast milk which works in an antagonistic manner with the hormone responsible for ovulation.

breast discharge

High Prolactin or Hyperprolactinaemia?

Hyperprolactinaemia is defined as a raised level of prolactin in the blood. Note that prolactin levels are normally high during pregnancy and lactation, and also in severe stress.

Hyperprolactinaemia is also called high prolactin. however, prolactinomas are benign, prolactin-producing tumors of the pituitary gland.

Prolactin is the hormone released when a woman is breastfeeding.

Causes of Abnormal Breast Discharge

Some of the causes include;

  • Inactive thyroid function (hypothyroidism)
  • Breast stimulation – Rough fondling and sucking
  • Stress – physical (including excessive exercise) or psychological – including venepuncture.
  • Macroprolactinaemia – High level of prolactin secretion
  • Irritation of the chest wall or nipple
  • Medicines such as antipsychotic drugs, some antidepressants, and some blood pressure medicines
  • Kidney disease
  • Pituitary tumor (the most common pituitary tumor that causes galactorrhea is called a prolactinoma; this type of tumor is benign)
    The underlying cause of most if not all abnormal breast discharge of a woman who is trying to conceive is Hormonal Imbalance.
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Symptoms of Milky Breast Discharge

  • one or both breasts producing excessive milk.

breast discharge

The abnormal breast discharge is common in women but has also been found in men.

  • Milky substance leaking from nipples randomly
  • Enlargement of breast tissue
  •  Irregular or missed periods
  • Reduction or disinterest in libido
  • Vomiting
  • Frequent acne
  • Abnormal hair growth
  • A persistent headache
  • Trouble with seeing
  • For men; Endocrine symptoms are reduced libido and erectile dysfunction, reduced beard growth, gynecomastia, and galactorrhoea and azoospermia.
  • Osteoporosis and atherosclerosis, as an indirect result of hypogonadism.

breast discharge

Nipple discharge is one of the major symptoms a woman’s hormone’s are not balanced and could pose as a threat for her getting pregnant, notwithstanding, if she treats it fast, she increases her chances of getting pregnant.

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It is important to note that bloody or pinkish milky discharge could be a symptom of cancer and such a person should see his/her Doctor immediately.

Sometimes, breast discharge is one of many symptoms of hormonal imbalance, Fertility supplements such as Evergreen Formular for Women, is not only a potent fertility booster, it is highly recommended in the treatment of abnormal breast discharge caused by high levels of prolactin in the body.

6 Tips for Pregnancy

  1. Be mindful of the foods you eat  breast discharge
  2. Stop the use of drugs that are influencing the disruption of your hormones breast discharge
  3. Encourage your partner to reduce the stimulation of your breast during foreplay
  4. Use drugs such as Evergreen Formular for Women, which also doubles as a fertility booster

    breast discharge

    Evergreen Formular for Women (For Moms-to-Be)

  5. Wear clothing (bra) that reduces friction between the fabric and your nipples
  6. Take note of your ovulation period and have sex during those periods

For women who are experiencing abnormal breast discharge, it can be very confusing when you’re trying to conceive and also lactating at the same time.

Basically, to increase your chances of conception, follow the tips we’ve shared here and in no time, you’ll actually be feeding your little one.

With the abnormal breast discharge becomes a normal discharge in no time (lol).

This is wishing you all the best on your pregnancy journey.


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