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Blocked fallopian tubes or fallopian tube obstruction constitute about 20% of the leading causes of infertility in women who are trying to conceive.

If after a year, you can’t ascertain what’s wrong, it could just be that your eggs can’t move from your ovaries through the fallopian tube to meet the sperm.

And due to the fact that you still see your period, it’s hard to ascertain that a blocked fallopian tube could be the culprit.

blocked fallopian tubes

How Does The Fallopian Tube Gets Blocked?

Fertilization occurs in the woman’s fallopian tubes, not in her vagina or uterus. If the fallopian tubes are blocked and the egg released from your ovaries can’t pass through the blockage.

Then, the egg and the sperm can’t meet to allow fertilization to occur.

blocked fallopian tubes

The Fallopian Tube usually gets blocked by the exposure of the tube to scar tissues or pelvic adhesions for a long time, this usually leads to a blockage, some of the causes of blocked fallopian tubes include;

  • Pelvic Inflammatory diseases
  • Endometriosis
  • Sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia and gonorrhea
  • Fibroids
  • Past ectopic Pregnancy

blocked fallopian tubes

Effects of Blocked Fallopian Tubes on Fertility

The female reproductive system is made up of the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes.

When one fallopian tube is blocked, it may still be possible for an egg to be fertilized. If both are blocked, this is less likely.

blocked fallopian tubes

What to do About Blocked Fallopian Tubes

  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG);  in this procedure, a dye is injected into the fallopian tubes, it allows the specialist to see the path of the tubes, identifying a blockage if one exists.
  • Laparoscopy; In this procedure, a specialist inserts a tiny scope into a small incision near the woman’s navel. During this surgery, the doctor injects dye into the uterus.
  • If the dye spills out at the ends of the fallopian tubes, there’s most likely not a blockage.

blocked fallopian tubes

Typically, laparoscopy has been said to be the most accurate test for blocked tubes. If the blockage is small, the Doctor can remove it during laparoscopy.

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Treating Blocked Fallopian Tubes

If its only 1 (one) of your tubes that’s blocked, it is best you use fertility supplements that would help you conceive fast without surgery.

However, if its 2 (two) of your fallopian tubes that are blocked, its advisable to do surgery so that the doctor can cut away scar tissue from around the tube or even make a new opening at the end of the tube.

blocked fallopian tube

The key to maximizing your chances of success with this type of surgery is to ask for a specialist who is skilled in tubal surgery in your hospital.

After doing surgery to open your blocked fallopian tubes/tube, there’s a need to prepare your reproductive organs for fertilization, this is where using fertility supplements comes in.

Healing and Preparation for Pregnancy

Considering that you also need to get pregnant, you need to reassess your meals after surgery.

  • Eat more fiber
  • Take in more liquid and reduce your exposure to processed foods.
  • Choose fresh fruits and vegetables over juice and its variants.

After doing surgery to open your blocked fallopian tube/tubes, there’s a need to prepare your reproductive organs for fertilization, this is where using fertility supplements comes in.

Fertility supplements help to optimize reproductive organs for easy conception, it provides you with the essential vitamins and nutrients to help you get pregnant faster.

Lastly, it balances your hormones so that you’re able to ovulate and easily get pregnant.

Got questions concerning blocked fallopian tubes? I’ll love to hear from you in the comments section below…

To your pregnancy dreams coming true


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