Yes! It is possible to choose the sex or gender of your next child. Thanks to advances in Fertility Medicine. Sex selection is an option for couples who want to avoid passing sex-linked genetic disorders to their children. It is also good for “family balancing” – That is for parents whose children are all boys or all girls and want to have a child of the other sex.



Gender selection (also called sex selection) is a medical technique used by prospective parents who wish to choose the sex of their baby and have either a boy or girl.



There are different methods of achieving your desired baby sex. The most accurate sex-selection methods are the most expensive (costing up to about 1 million naira and above) and often, you would have to undergo invasive infertility treatments and take prescription drugs that have potential side effects.

These invasive techniques usually involve collection of semen from a man. The sperm are then sorted into “boy sperms” and “girl sperms” in the laboratory. Then the desired sperm is used to fertilize the woman’s egg.

Here we will focus on the natural methods of sex selection, which are:

  • easier,
  • safer,
  • free (or low cost),
  • no side effects
  • also very effective.



The average human body contains approximately 37.2 trillion cells. And Every normal human being has 23 double chromosomes (i.e. 46 chromosomes) in each cell. The only cells in the body that do not contain 46 (23 double) chromosomes are our sex cells (i.e. sperm or egg). They have only 23 single chromosomes, which is half the number of chromosomes in a normal body cell.


For a “baby” to be formed, the sperm (23 single chromosomes) and egg (23 single chromosomes) must fuse together and form 46 (23 double) chromosomes.

23 chromosomes_baby sex selection


First, you must understand that a baby’s gender is determined at the point of fertilization. Once the egg is fertilized and conception takes place, there’s nothing you can do to change the sex of the baby. So, before and up to the point of fertilization you have a say in the sex of your coming baby.


When a man ejaculates or releases semen, the semen contains both Male sperm (containing Y-chromosome) and Female sperm (containing X-chromosome), BUT in women, the egg released during ovulation always carries X-chromosome.


If X-Sperm cell meets the egg(X), the baby will be a Girl (XX).

If Y-Sperm cell meets the egg(X), the baby will be a Boy (XY).

baby sex selection





Moves relatively fast

Moves relatively slowly

dies quickly within 24hrs

can survive longer up to 5 days

Smallish in size

Bigger in size


Note that: The Y-Sperm cells move fast but die easily (its lifespan is about 24hrs) while the X-Sperm cells move slowly but can survive longer (even up to 5days).

Therefore, if you have intercourse during ovulation or immediately after your ovulation, the Y-sperm (boys) will swim fast and will most likely get to the egg before the X sperm. Therefore, you will have a baby boy. However, if you have intercourse some days before ovulation (when your egg has not yet been released from the ovary), most of the Y-Sperm cells would die because there’s no egg to be fertilized and they only have about 24hrs to live. This leaves mostly X-Sperm cells, waiting for your egg to be released so they can fertilize it. The chances of having a Girl is therefore higher. One can almost conclude that it is easier to have a baby girl than to have a baby boy.


N:B – Ovulation is when an egg is released from the ovary. This typically occurs once in each menstrual cycle but in some women, it may occur more than once, leading to conception of twins or even triplets as the case may be.


To increase the CHANCE of conceiving a baby Boy, intercourse must be timed to coincide with ovulation.

For a baby girl, you should have sex around 3-4 days before ovulation



Most women will ovulate mid-way into their menstrual cycle. The release of an egg from the ovary can occur for up to 12-48hrS, but once the egg is released, it has only about 24hrs to live. If it is not fertilized on time, it will die. During the ovulation period, some women may experience symptoms such as:

  • breast tenderness or pain in the nipples,
  • increased sexual urge,
  • unilateral lower abdominal pain (i.e. pain on one side of the lower abdomen),
  • increased sense of taste and smell,
  • stretchy egg-white cervical mucus,
  • changes in basal body temperature, etc.


These symptoms can sometimes be misleading because some of them can also happen just before menstruation and in the early stages of pregnancy. A better way to accurately know your ovulation day is by doing a proper ovulation test using PREDICTE OVULATION TEST KIT. The test is simple and easy to use. Essentially, the required test sample is your urine. When you get a positive result from PREDICTE, it means that ovulation will occur in the next 24-36hrs. You can therefore time intercourse to increase the CHANCE of achieving the desired Baby Sex.




If you’re trying for a baby boy, you should have sex on your ovulation day or immediately after ovulation. The idea is that since the Y-chromosome sperm are faster than the X-chromosome sperm, there will be more Y-chromosome sperm who reach the egg first, making it more likely that a Y-chromosome carrying sperm will fertilize the egg. Do NOT have sexual intercourse from four to five days before ovulation. Have sex only just at the time of ovulation and immediately after.  That is 24-36hrs after you get a positive result from your PREDICTE OVULATION TEST.


If you are trying for a baby girl, you should have intercourse only around 3-4 days before ovulation and abstain from intercourse until about 2-3 days after ovulation. The idea is that when you have sex a few days before ovulation, all the Y sperm must have died before an egg is released. Only the X-chromosome “girl sperm” will be left in the female reproductive tract waiting to fertilize the egg when it is released



If you’re trying for a boy, you should have intercourse that allows for deep penetration. A deeper penetration he
lps to put the sperm closer to the egg, thus reducing the time and distance needed for sperms to travel to the fallopian tube for fertilization. This gives advantage for the Y-chromosome (male) sperm to get to the egg faster than the X-chromosome (female) sperm. The “doggy style” sex position is ideal in this case.

Missionary position can also be effective, if the woman uses a pillow to raise her pelvis for deep penetration.


if penetration is shallow and the sperm is deposited farther from the cervix, the Y-chromosome stands less chance. (The doggy style is the most common way to get deep penetration while the missionary style gives a more shallow penetration).



For any conception to occur, the male and female reproductive tissues must be in good form. Sperm and egg quality must be “on-point”. Sperm with low motility or poor sperm morphology may not be able to fertilize and egg. Men should avoid tight clothes and heating environment: heat kills off both types of sperm but will kill off the smaller Y-chromosome sperm faster. Supplements like EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR MEN and WOMEN are recommended to boost sperm count, motility and morphology and increase the chances of fertilization and conception in all couples who are ready to conceive.



An orgasm is the moment of greatest pleasure and excitement in sexual activity. Female orgasm tends to increase the alkaline secretions in the vagina, which is believed to favor Y-chromosome carrying sperm.

That said, it is very likely that the woman trying to select her baby’s gender may experience vaginal dryness during intercourse. This could be due to anxiety from the need to get pregnant instead of enjoying sex. When vaginal dryness occurs, some couples use saliva or normal lube, which actually worsens the entire situation because saliva, water, jelly, or even normal lube are not designed to support fertility, so they can negatively affect sperm and reduce the chances of getting pregnant altogether. 

PreSeed is the first lubricant specifically designed for couples that are trying-to-conceive. It is ‘sperm-friendly’ as it matches the qualities of your fertile cervical mucus so it provides a helpful environment to facilitate conception.


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