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Libido is one thing most men wish they wouldn’t have to prod their wives for, but what happens when a woman’s ability to enjoy sex or crave sex diminishes? Does staying silent about it help in any way? BIG NO!

Libido simply refers to your desire for sexual intimacy with your partner, while men generally tend to have a high libido, women are believed to have a low libido.
Have you ever wondered what influences your sexual desire?

Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are hormones that affect sexual desire and function in women. When it comes to sexual desire, the most influential hormone is testosterone which is primarily the male sex hormone.

As a woman, your body does not produce enough testosterone to stimulate your sexual organs and your body needs a large amount of it as it has a huge role to play in your sex drive, especially just before ovulation (your most fertile period).

Testosterone helps to pump blood into your vagina and clit which makes you more sensitive to touch and prepares your body for sex.

When you’re experiencing low or decreased libido, the culprit is your body’s inability to produce the necessary amount of testosterone essential for sexual desire and we’ve collated the following tips; lifestyle changes and sexual techniques to help you if you’re experiencing low libido.


female libido
One of the major things that can help boost your sexual health is locked in some of what you eat & what you don’t.

Some foods contain aphrodisiacs and are good for you;

a. Ginger – contains properties that give warmth thereby increasing blood flow to the sexual organs

b. Watermelon – contains Citrulline that relaxes the blood vessels & improves blood flow around the genitals

c. Banana – Contains potassium & riboflavin which increases energy levels, it could be that your stress level is one of the reasons why you’re experiencing low or decreased level of libido

d. Honey – Contains Boron which boosts testosterone release in the body. Remember we said that testosterone is one of the most important hormones necessary for sexual desire

e. Avocado – They provide energy and an increased appetite for sex. They’re loaded with minerals, monounsaturated fats (the good kind that protects the heart and lowers cholesterol), and vitamin B6—they all help to keep your energy and sex drive up



female libido
Not only is Endorphin a happy hormone, but it has also been shown to increase sexual arousal and is released when you’re exercising to relieve stress, some women will agree that being stressed is the number one de-motivator for sex, as no one wants to be grounded while their body feels heavy.

The adrenaline that is being pumped is a great energy booster and coupled with the replenishing effect of sleep on cells in the body, you’re most likely going to be much more receptive towards sex.

Some women lose sexual desire because they find it hard to release the stress and toxins from their body.

N.B: Too much exercise can cause the opposite effect.


female libido
One of the things a woman should never lose is her sexual confidence, not only do we try to shy away from this truth, we find that a lot of women do not even want to acknowledge they’re going through a sexual low-confidence moment.

It’s in those periods when you’re finding it hard to share your intimate self with your spouse because you’re overly conscious of your breast, your big tummy or your vagina that’s a little wider after you’ve had your first child.

Sexual confidence is confidence in your ability to please your partner and the feeling of being desirable.

While I’m not one to encourage you to wish what you’re feeling away, these are some things you can readily do to increase your sexual confidence.

a. Decide to be sexually confident, no one can do this for you, not even your partner no matter how much they try.

b. Admire yourself; not only does this help to increase your confidence, it also sends out a positive vibe about your self-image.

c. Splurge on new and sexy clothes; holluuuuup, you didn’t know I was going to talk about clothes that best accentuate your curves and leaves you and your partner drooling? Hell NO!

One of the ways to instantly increase your sexual confidence is when you feel good about yourself physically, play dress-up when you can, look your best all the time and use beautiful words to affirm who you truly agree.

d. Initiate Romance and ensure it leads to Sex
One of the things men secretly wish for is a woman who can take the lead in za oza room, lol

Due to cultural norms, women have been taught to allow the men to take control, while men are not complaining, they get turned on by women confident enough to take show their fiercely romantic side.


female libido
One of the greatest ways to boost female libido is in the orgasmic feeling you get when you’re in an open, transparent and secure friendship relationship with your boo.
There’s no possibility of sexual desire when you’re not in good communication with your spouse, this is why you have to ensure that you attain and sustain your emotional intimacy.

While there’s no rocket science or one-way only route to achieving this as a couple, here are some steps you can take to spice up your communication with your boo;

a. Listen to your boo’s spoken & unspoken words & share your experiences together. Beautiful memories are created in the small talks, don’t wait until the big things happen, and memories are created in the smallest of experience.

b. Share your imaginations and desires, one of the greatest ways to keep things spicy in za oza room is by sharing your imaginations & desires.

Do you like to be touched in a particular way or spoken to in a way that makes your heart tingle?

Communicate it without fear of judgment in as much as there is no disrespect or abuse of the other person’s right.

c. Communication is essential for building trust. It’s important to prevent resentments from building up.

Address relationship issues as they come, don’t let issues fester as they tend to become mountains when they aren’t dealt with as soon as possible.

This leads to a reduction in sexual intimacy and decreases libido.

d. Try out new things together, just as you have a bucket list for yourself, have a sexual bucket list with your partner and put in the effort to achieve it together. This helps to keep your friendship alive and spice up your sexual desires.


female libido
Just like one can induce hormone release by taking the synthetic derivative, you can influence the release of testosterone by using drugs that were created for that sole purpose.

Evergreen CM is a dietary supplement targeted at improving the adequate production of fertile Cervical Mucus in women.

This is important because cervical mucus serves as the medium through which sperms thrive as they journey along the female reproductive tract on their way to fertilization.

Evergreen CM also helps to strengthen a woman’s uterine lining – hence making sure that the womb is ready and strong enough to carry a baby.

It provides antioxidant support to sperm, facilitates transport of sperm from the vagina to the uterine cavity and also increases female Libido.

Are you trying to get pregnant and you’re finding it hard to sizzle the shizzle in za oza room? 

Don’t forget, female libido can be increased and a pleasurable sexual experience can be achieved when a woman takes some of the tips we’ve given in this article.

Got questions or you want to add other tips that have worked for you?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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