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Use condoms:

Premature ejaculation can sometimes be caused by hypersensitivity, so using a condom is a simple solution. The condom acts as a barrier around the penis that dulls sensation and may lead to delayed ejaculation. Although, this method is not advisable for couples who are trying to conceive.

Change positions:

Trying out different positions can add variety to your sex life, but it can also help you last longer in bed. Most men ejaculate quickly by maintaining a steady tempo during intercourse. If you want to last longer, you might need to disrupt the tempo. Changing sex positions is a good way to disrupt the flow.

Try the Pause-Squeeze method:

The pause-squeeze method involves:
(a)        Having sex until you feel that you are about to ejaculate

(b)        Then, pull out and squeeze the tip of your penis for several seconds until you no longer feel the urge to ejaculate

(c)        Continue having sex and repeat the technique as needed, until you and your partner are satisfied.


Regular exercise helps to increase blood flow to the body. One particularly important type of exercise is called the Kegel Exercise. This exercise focuses on the pelvic muscles. It strengthens pubococcygeus muscle of the pelvic which, interestingly, can help you get good penis erection and give you better control to last longer.


Just as digital marketing could be the cure to stunted business growth, good medication could be all you need to stop premature ejaculation. Many of the popular sexual enhancement drugs are harmful to the body because of their long-term side effects, but there are also some natural supplements that are very good and are specifically recommended to safely improve sexual performance in men. A good one you can use is EVERGREEN POTENT FOR MEN.

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