5 Things NATAL CARE PLUS OMEGA 3 Will Do For Your Pregnancy.

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5 Things NATAL CARE PLUS OMEGA 3 Will Do For Your Pregnancy.
(1) PREVENT BLOOD SHORTAGE: During pregnancy, women have a higher risk of anemia. NATAL CARE contains Iron which helps to ensure that the body has enough blood cells to cater for both mother and baby.
(2) SUPPORT THE BABY’S BRAIN AND EYES DEVELOPMENT: NATAL CARE PLUS contains Omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA which are the building blocks of the baby’s brain and eyes.
(3) REDUCE THE RISK OF MISCARRIAGE AND PREMATURE DELIVERY: A new review of 70 studies involving nearly 20,000 women found taking omega-3 supplements in pregnancy reduces the risk of premature labour.
(4) REDUCE THE RISK OF BIRTH DEFECTS: It contains folic acid which helps to reduce the risk of congenital malformations such as heart problems like atrial-septal defect and facial deformations like cleft lip, cleft palate, etc.
(5) REDUCES THE RISK OF HYPERTENSION DURING PREGNANCY: NATAL CARE is carefully formulated with essential vitamins and minerals to reduce the risk of hypertension in pregnant women.
EVERGREEN NATAL CARE PLUS contains 19 important vitamins and minerals that are recommended for healthy and safe pregnancy. It should be taken once daily from the first month throughout pregnancy.

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