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If you are using a male condom, it is important that you know how to effectively use it. Not using a condom properly could expose you to the same risk as not using it at all.
1. NOT WEARING THE CONDOM ON TIME: Before penetration, some infections can spread through genital touch or even oral s*x. If you’re really serious about keeping safe, then it is important to immediately put on a condom. Always put on the condom correctly before there’s any contact between the penis and the vagina, mouth or anus… and keep it on until you’re through.
2. NOT LEAVING ENOUGH SPACE AT THE TIP: When using condoms, men also make the mistake of not leaving enough space at the tip of the condom. When wearing a condom, always leave a small gap at the tip.
3. NOT CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE: A lot of guys fail to choose the right condom size, which is a tremendous mistake. Avoid tight condoms that don’t roll all the way to the bottom of the pen*s.
4. USING THE SAME CONDOM TOO LONG: A lot of men don’t know that there is a 30-minute condom rule. If you’re having a long s*x session, change condoms after 30minutes. Friction can weaken the condom, making it more likely to break or fail.
5. USING TWO CONDOMS AT THE SAME TIME: Using two condoms at the same time is another classic condom error. If you use two condoms, you won’t have double protection. The condom is more prone to tear when two condoms are used together.
It is also important to have an erect p*nis before putting on a condom, but some men have difficulty maintaining a good erection. So for such men, we always recommend EVERGREEN POTENT FOR MEN. You can call/chat 08173658113 if you need one.

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