5 Easy Ways to Get Pregnant Fast Naturally

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Because female fertility decreases quite quickly after the age of 35, infertile couples should not delay in seeking medical advice. Once an egg is released from the ovary, it passes into the uterine tubes to wait for the arrival of fertile sperm. Ovulation is a natural event and the desire to have children is a natural instinct, but sometimes, that instinct cannot be fulfilled. The causes of childlessness are numerous but there are different methods of treating them. At Carrot-Top Drugs, our fertility products offer couples a good chance of bringing healthy babies into the world. That said, here are 5 easy ways to get pregnant fast naturally.

(1) Know when you’re ovulating by tracking your period: The best time for any woman to get pregnant is during her fertile (ovulation) period. This is the most fertile time to conceive. There are many ways to know your ovulation period but first, you must know your menstrual cycle length. Your menstrual cycle is calculated from the first day of your menstruation till the day before another menstruation begins. Usually, ovulation occurs mid-way into a woman’s menstrual cycle. Some of the symptoms around ovulation include tenderness of the breasts, soreness of the nipples, change in basal body temperature, increased sense of smell, increased sexual drive, egg-white cervical mucus, etc. You can also get OPKs like Predicte Ovulation Test Kit which is very accurate in determining your ovulation day.

(2) Have sex at the Right time: Once you’ve successfully determined your ovulation day, it is important to have sex during your most fertile period. The egg released during ovulation has a very short lifespan of about 12-18hrs. So, generally, it is advisable to have sex just before ovulation occurs, so that the egg can be fertilized almost as soon as it is released from your ovary.

(3) Give Sperm a Boost: It is common for the woman to be blamed if a married couple has not had their own children yet. However, childlessness can also be caused by the male factor. Some studies have shown that 40% infertility cases in couples are due to male infertility. Generally, 3 main parameters are important while measuring male fertility: (1) Sperm Count (2) Sperm Motility (3) Sperm Morphology. A man with normal sperm count but poor sperm motility may still have difficulty impregnating his partner. So, it is important to consider both the sperm quantity and quality. Sperm Boosters like EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR MEN are widely recommended to boost overall male fertility and give sperm the boost required for all Dads-to-be.

(4) Avoid Stress/Smoking/Alcohol: Stress, excessive smoking and too much alcohol are capable of increasing the amount of free radicals within the body. These free radicals are known to have negative effect on the body and can greatly reduce the chances of getting pregnant easily. When trying to conceive, stress (emotional, metabolic or physical) should be avoided as much as possible. Supplements like Evergreen Formular contain natural anti-oxidants which help to reduce the negative effects of stress on the reproductive tissues. Fruits and vegetables are also very good sources of antioxidants.

(5) Eat Healthy Foods:
When trying to get pregnant, it is very important to eat healthy. Certain critical nutrients such as folic acid, calcium, protein and iron can help prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy. This means eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, dairy and healthy sources of fats. Avoid too much caffeine, junks, processed foods and eat more healthily.

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