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Sexual intercourse between couples ought to be pleasurable but when couples start to really try to conceive, lovemaking soon becomes baby-making thereby leaving the act nothing more than an activity and inasmuch as couples try to use available lubricants, some of them prove to be unhealthy as they damage the sperm of the husband and this further plunges couples into childlessness, below are some of the things you can do to help reduce your experience with dry humping.

But before we talk about what you can use, we have to establish what causes vaginal dryness in the first place as you might find yourself unknowingly being guilty of some of the points raised and that might affect any solution we share.

Below are some of the reasons you’re experiencing vaginal dryness;

  • Hormonal imbalance

A lack of hormonal balance in a woman leads to a reduction in the number of hormones necessary for her reproductive organs to receptive to sperm and when this happens, she’s unable to enjoy sex pleasurably due to her body lacking and not release the essential hormones.

  • Irritations to delicate tissues

The vagina is a very delicate area in a woman’s body and chemicals in soaps, perfumes and underwear washed with detergents also contributes to the unhealthy exposure of the vagina to irritations thereby altering the lubrication of the vagina. The extent of pain some women feel can only be imagined and best not to be experienced.

  • Anxiety and emotional issues

Factors such as pressure, stress, and anxiety hamper on a woman’s sexual desire and cause vaginal dryness, this occurs due to reduced blood circulation and which leads to dryness.

  • Medications

The use of some drugs can alter the hormonal release in the body and for a woman, the vaginal lubrication can also be reduced. A typical example is Clomiphene Citrate as it is a major culprit. This is particularly important because many TTC women are on this medication. If you’re trying to get pregnant and your Doctor didn’t prescribe this drug for you, please don’t use CLOMIPHENE CITRATE!

These are some of the remedies for vaginal dryness for you;

1. Food

By being intentional about what you eat, you can influence your hormones through foods rich in fat, carbohydrate, and oil seeds are good options too. Women who are on a diet find it hard to get wet because they aren’t eating fatty foods and foods rich in carbohydrate. If you’re trying to conceive, you might need to reduce your diet routine.

2. Drink more water

Drinking more water affords your body the right amount of electrolytes necessary for homeostatic function. The best way to stay hydrated is to stay keep a bottle of water around you all of the time. The recommended 8-9 Litres of water every day is essential for you. Infuse lemon into your water and you can also add a pinch of sea salt to increase the electrolyte level, you can also add cucumber or any other type of fruit for flavor.

3. Lubricant

One of the fastest ways to cure vaginal dryness when you want to have sex is to use a healthy, safe and sperm-friendly lubricant like Pre-Seed.  It has been specially formulated for women who experience vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse.

4. Feelings

One of the ways to increase your estrogen levels is when your anxiety level is reduced and you’re able to enjoy the moment. A lot of women become anxious during sex because all their concern is how the sex translates into babies, while it is understandable that you’re trying to conceive, please do enjoy your baby making moments…Pre-Seed is a very viable option for you to choose from as it ensures that your baby-making moments are pleasurable.

A very easy way to switch up your mood is to Laugh or watch a comedy skit. Try it today.

5. Foreplay

Pardon me men, but the truth has to be told. When a woman is feeling vaginal dryness, most times it is due to the fact that she isn’t sexually aroused enough. Some women are easily aroused while some aren’t, however, every woman has the capacity to be thoroughly aroused and as a woman, you are allowed to tell your husband how you want to be touched and the heights you want to be taken to!

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