3 Things Women Should Do Regularly After Intimacy to Avoid Infection

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3 Things Women Should Do Regularly After Intimacy to Avoid Infection

(1)   Drink water:

After vigorous intercourse, it is important to hydrate yourself. Dehydration affects your entire body; so, if your mouth is dry or your vagina felt dry during intercourse, you should definitely take some water. When you take water, you may to feel the need to urinate. This is a good thing.

(2)   Go and pee:

You may have heard that heading to the toilet immediately after intercourse can help you avoid urinary tract infection (UTI). Well, it is true! A bacteria called E.coli may have moved towards your urethra during intercourse, but when you urinate, your urine rinses away the bacteria, hence reducing your risk of infection.

(3)   Wear breathable clothing:

After you have used the bathroom and washed your privates, don’t just put on some tight jeans or thick fabric material. Wear something that allows fresh air to flow around your private area. A loose-fitting material is always better than some fancy nylon pants or thick clothing materials.

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