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(1)  The Cowgirl Position:

Simply lie on your back and have your female partner get on top of you. Because this position puts your partner in control, and because it prevents you from penetrating as vigorously as other positions, it may help delay ejaculation.

At the same time, this can help to stimulate your partner’s G-spot. As you slow down and she speeds up, you can both train yourselves to reach orgasm at almost the same time.

(2)  Non-penetrative missionary

This is like the normal missionary position, except that in this case, you should not penetrate your partner yet. Simply rub the shaft of your penis against her clitoris and vulva. This will help by speeding up your partner’s sexual desire while keeping your sexual excitement from rising too quickly.


(3)  Sit on the Throne

Sit on a chair and enter your partner from behind as she lowers herself and sits on your lap with her back in front of you. This is almost like the cowgirl position because your woman has more control and you don’t have to thrust too quickly or deeply.

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