3 Best Supplements For Couples Trying to Conceive

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Infertility is a huge problem for many couples in all the countries across the world including Nigeria. With the increasing number of couples going in for IVF (in-vitro fertilization), it looks like infertility rates are not decreasing. Studies have shown that certain nutrients can increase your odds of conception. Here are some of such nutrients:


Medically, Folic acid is highly recommended while trying to conceive and even during pregnancy. It is an important vitamin for both men and women as it helps decrease the risk of birth defects that may affect a baby’s brain and spinal cord formation. It can also improve sperm count in men. However, folic acid requires B12 in order to enter the cells. This is just one instance of the dependence that many nutrients have upon each other. Folic acid is available as a single supplement in form of a tablet but it is also included in some fertility multivitamins for better results.

“A minimum  of 400mcg folic acid is recommended by the medical profession worldwide when trying to conceive and during pregnancy.”

2.   ZINC

Zinc directly affects your fertilityIn women, zinc helps the body to utilize the reproductive hormones, oestrogen, and progesterone. Zinc is a huge component of sperm, so it can greatly influence sperm count and improve fertility in men with low zinc status.


Vitamin E is found in the fluid surrounding a woman’s developing eggs. It can also increase cervical mucus in women, which is essential for helping sperm to stay alive for several days. Deficiency in vitamin E may lead to poor fertility in women.

When taken by men, vitamin E serves as an antioxidant and helps boost sperm health. Most men with infertility problems are usually found to have low levels of Vitamin E. So, by using a supplement containing vitamin E, men can increase their fertility (an example of such supplement is EVERGREEN FORMULAR).

Together with Vitamin C, vitamin E may have the power to neutralize sperm-busting free radicals. Meanwhile, antioxidants are readily available in many healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.


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