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At Carrot Top Drugs Limited, we believe that having a family is a basic human right, so we’ve been making high-quality and customized fertility care accessible to everyone since 2005 with thousands of success stories. With our premium quality fertility products without adverse side effects, your success story can be next.

18+ Years Of Women Fertility

Women Fertility

Range of highly effective women’s fertility products manufactured in the USA to help make your dream a reality.

Men Fertility and Sexual Enhancement

Men Fertility

The best solution to boost your libido, enhance sexual performance, prevent quick ejaculation, and increase fertility.

Children, Men & Women Wellness Supplements


Browse our range of evergreen products for adults, seniors and children specially made to boost health and wellness.

fertility bundle for women by evergreen

Fertility Bundle for Women

Evergreen complete fertility bundle for women is an effective fertility package recommended for all women trying to conceive. Comprising of 3 packs of Evergreen Formular, 3 packs of Evergreen Eggboost, 3 packs of Evergreen CM, 3 packs of Predicte Ovulation Test Kit, 3 packs of Predicte Pregnancy Test Kit, and 1 pack of Pre-seed Personal Lubricant.

Sperm Booster Pack

This complete sperm booster pack is recommended to improve sperm count, morphology, and motility. The Sperm booster pack comprises of 3 packs of Evergreen Formular for Men and 3 packs of Evergreen Motility.

Sperm booster fertility solution for men
Fertility solution for ttc couples

The Complete Fertility Pack For Couples Trying To Conceive

Pre-seed fertility-friendly lubricants is specially formulated to create a welcoming environment for sperm and make conception easier. Preseed is a perfect lubricant for vaginal dryness that helps with faster conception.

Making Priceless Affordable

We believe everyone has the right to safe fertility care they need without complication. We also know that for many, finance remains a major barrier to accessing fertility care. Our products are super effective and pocket friendly with thousands of success stories.

What Clients Think About Us?

Our products have helped thousands of couples get pregnant and improve their general well-being.

All thanks to EVERGREEN PRODUCTS. After using 3 and half packs of EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR WOMEN, my miracle came. Hallelujah!!!

Makinde Olubukola

Happy Customer

Your NATAL CARE PLUS is really amazing. I personally call the drug “Pregnancy-made easy”. Each time I go for check-up, everything is fine. I am glad I chose to use it.

Faith Adesola

Happy Customer

I got a positive result after using your product, EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR WOMEN. I strongly recommend this drug for women who want to conceive.

Nifemi Sobowale

Happy Customer

I used your product in 2019, got pregnant, and put to bed in 2020. I will use it again!

Obi Christiana Obianuju

Happy Customer

Carrot-Top Drugs Limited is a household name for couples trying for a baby. The company is built on a tripod of hard work, transparency, and commitment to our numerous customers.

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