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(1)  Smoking:

Smoking causes oxidative stress which can damage sperm DNA and hinder the swimming capacity.

(2)  Alcohol:

Drinking too much alcohol can cause an increase in the body’s estrogen level. This can cause increase in estrogen level which will affect sperm production and sexual function.

(3)  Steroids:

Studies have shown that taking cannabis can affect the sperm’s swimming capacity. When you take excess testosterone or steroids, the testicles will stop producing its own testosterone, hence the sperm-making process will be affected.

(4)  Excess weight:

Men who accumulate body fat especially around the tummy area, this fat can be hormonally active. It can transform the body’s testosterone into estrogen. This will have a detrimental effect on sperm production.

(5)  Hormone problems:

Problems that affect hormone balance will definitely affect sperm quantity and quality. But there are medications you can take such as EVERGREEN FORMULAR FOR MEN, which is recommended to boost sperm count and quality.

(6)  Bad diet:

We all know that healthy diet can improve fertility potential in both men and women.

(7)  Medical conditions:

Previous operations in the pelvic area can affect sperm production. Medical conditions such hernias, STIs (sexually transmitted infections), trauma/accident, etc can also affect sperm production.

(8)  Heat:

Any situation that causes too much heat around the testicle area can affect sperm health and sperm production.

(9)  Exposure to chemicals/toxins:

Men who work in industries where they are exposed to harsh chemicals either via inhalation or through the skin area at a high risk of having poor sperm quality.

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